Top 10 stars who have been denounced for their toxicity, red flaaaag

Some celebrities may be good shots, others are especially very tyrannical on set and in life in general. People who are not really too exemplary… Fortunately, we can count on people concerned about the good evolution of the human species to denounce the toxic behavior of these stars who think they are allowed everything. Of course, we’re not talking here about stars who have committed murder, domestic violence or sexual assault, because that’s mostly illegal.

1. Kim Kardashian and her draconian diet to put on Marylin Monroe’s dress at the MET Gala

So yes, the American MET Gala which takes place every year is very funny. We see stars more or less well dressed, we criticize their beauty and we hit the bars when some fall down the stairs. But the MET Gala is also about people like Kim Kardashian who go on draconian diets to fit into their dress (the one worn by Marylin Monroe on JFK’s birthday, not retouchable in this case).

At the 2022 MET, Kim K bragged to Vogue that she lost seven pounds in three weeks to be able to wear the famous dress. A rather irresponsible behavior denounced by the actress of Riverdale Lili Reinhart, herself suffering from body dysmorphia: “Openly admitting that you starved yourself for the sake of the Met Gala when you know full well that millions of young men and women look up to you and listen to your every word. This ignorance is disgusting in the extreme. »

2. Maeva Ghennam and her 12-year-old vagina

We were already talking to you about the escapades of the famous Marseillais influencer in the worst product placements of reality TV. In September 2021, Maeva Ghennam indeed distinguished herself by promoting on Instagram a cosmetic surgeon supposed to rejuvenate the vagina through injections and radio frequency. To support her arguments, she then swung that it had allowed her to have “a vagina as if I were twelve years old”. His comments drew strong criticism and Maeva Ghennam was accused of encouraging the hypersexualization of young girls and the culture of rape. Learn to close it in one lesson: example.

3. Justin Timberlake and his false rumors about Britney Spears

Note to self: never date Justin Timberlake. The release of the documentary Framing Britney Spears in 2021 made it possible to highlight how much the singer had been the victim of the tabloids, but also of the false rumors launched by her ex, Justin Timberlake, who had taken a malicious pleasure, at their separation in 2002, to spread the rumor of an infidelity on the part of the singer and to encourage attacks against Britney. Which turned out to be totally gratuitous and very unhealthy. Since then, the singer has apologized following the criticism generated by the revelations of his actions, but hey IT’S A LITTLE LATE JUSTIN!

4. Sarah Fraisou and her pills to tighten the vagina

Another great perf straight from reality TV. This one, we owe it to Sarah Fraisou who, in February 2022, made, in an Instagram story, the promotion of pills to tighten the vagina. His speech was all the more problematic in that he made women who had given birth feel guilty, making them believe that it was because of their distended vaginas that their husbands were cheating on them. Because it’s well known that when your pussy is a little too big, you deserve to be deceived, because frankly, you’re looking crazy. Words obviously denounced by many people like the humorist Tristan Lopin. There is progress to be made my ancestors…

5. Ellen DeGeneres and her horrible behavior towards her colleagues and her guests

The star host of American talk shows is used to public humiliation with her guests. In 2010, for example, she spat in the face of Taylor Swift‘s romantic relationships by having the singer play a game where she had to say in front of the cameras which man from a photo slideshow she had gone out with or not. Very traumatic already. But its toxicity was not limited to the stars it received. In the summer of 2020, former employees of the Ellen DeGeneres Show denounced the harassment she subjected them to and the very unhealthy environment of their workplace. Wouldn’t that be a bit like the return of karma, for example?

6. Will Smith and his slap to Chris Rock

Do you remember this recent scandal which put the Oscars back on the front of the stage? At the 2022 ceremony, Will Smith took to the stage to slap host Chris Rock for not liking Rock’s joke to his wife about his alopecia. If the gesture in itself already says a lot about the toxicity of Will Smith, many have also decried the fact that Jada Pinkett Smith was quite capable of defending herself on her own, but above all that the couple, two minutes before, were laughing with enthusiasm to the humorist’s jokes.

7. Chrissy Teigen et sa cyber-intimidation

Who would have thought that the model and TV presenter could have been the author of cyberbullying. However, this is what many celebrities, including Courtney Stodden, denounced in May 2021, accusing Chrissy Teigen of intimidation and humiliation against them via social networks. The model also admitted to having been “a troll” towards many of her fellow celebrities and said she regretted her actions. Well, a little easy when you know that Courtney Stodden had suicidal thoughts because of this harassment.

8. Lea Michelle and her horrible quirks on the set of Glee

If Lea Michelle appears in all our tops on the worst stars on set, it’s because she was a real monster on the sets. In addition to calling extras “cockroaches” and asking them not to look her in the eye, she threatened other actors, especially those she was jealous of, used the film crew as a slave, and never hesitated to throw tantrums at all costs so that the filming proceeded as she wished. Many people who worked alongside her thankfully spoke out about her horrible behavior, which put a big damper on the actress’ career. Shouldn’t be searching at the same time.

9. Naomi Campbell and her violence against her employees

In 2006, model Naomi Campbell was arrested by police for injuring one of her employees by throwing a phone in her face. In 1998, the star had already pleaded guilty in court to attacking in the throat and hitting, also with a telephone, another of his employees. Naomi Campbell would also have made a turn in a specialized clinic to learn how to manage her anger control problems. Apparently it didn’t pay off too much…

10. Joss Wheldon and his horrible behavior on many sets

A whole bunch of actors have denounced director Joss Wheldon’s abuse of power on various sets: first Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa and Kiersey Clemons, on the DC sets, then Gal Gadot in Justice League or even Charisma Carpenter, Amber Benson, Michelle Trachtenberg and Sarah Michelle Gellar in buffy the vampire slayer… It’s starting to do a lot anyway. The director was accused, among other things, of being the author of threats, verbal attacks, and manipulation. All these actors and several screenwriters who worked with Wheldon denounced the very toxic environment in which they had to work. And frankly, it’s not dreaming.

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