Top 10 stars who have been banned from Instagram, no more stories

Being a star doesn’t give you all the rights. The proof, I still don’t have the right to run over my ex with a unicycle. Celebrities cannot therefore do anything on social networks and the platforms point this out quite often. While some stars have been banned from Twitter, others have been kicked off Instagram for inappropriate behavior or just for some daring photos. Conclusion: post your photos on your Skyblog, you will avoid problems.

1. Ye (Kanye West)

American rapper Ye and Instagram are not buddies at all. Kanye West is indeed regularly banned from the platform because of the various messages he posts. Latest controversy to date, his banishment from Instagram for “harassment, verbal abuse and hate speech” towards Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, but especially towards comedian Trevor Noah.

The latter had recently defended Kim K and denounced violence against women, which did not please Ye who replied to him on March 16, 2022 with racist remarks, thus violating Instagram‘s charter concerning speeches of hate. Neither one nor two, Kayne West was therefore banned for at least 24 hours from the platform. It is deserved.

2. Rihanna

Queen Rihanna has not escaped Instagram‘s censorship of women (which clearly isn’t as justifiable as hate speech). In 2014, Instagram blew up the singer’s account because she dared to post a topless photo of herself on the cover of Lui magazine (bouuuuuh the nasty nipples that scare Insta).

When her account reopened, the singer made fun of this censorship by posting cartoons mocking the situation and a well-dressed photo of herself imitating a fake magazine cover. Which did not please Instagram too much, which banned her again. Obviously, they don’t have too much humor there.

3. 50 Cent

In 2019, Instagram banned 50 Cent from its platform for photos deemed obscene. The rapper was at the time accustomed to cynical photos on the social network. He then posted a photo of a woman in a thong and got his fans talking about oral sex. Not too much in the vibe of Insta then. If he had considered leaving Instagram following this incident, 50 Cent quickly found his account and continued to post.

4. Donald Trump

Supriiiiiiise! Our favorite president (no) got banned from Instagram in January 2021, during the invasion of the Capitol, at the same time as he got banned from other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The platforms had judged that Trump was using their social networks to encourage his supporters to continue their actions. His various accounts had therefore remained blocked for many months. But hey, now that he’s launched his own social network, little Donald should be easy with the banishment.

5. Booba

In December 2020, rapper Booba was permanently banned from Instagram because of his numerous clashes. He notably broadcast his written and audio exchanges with the rapper Benash in which he insults the latter, then attacked Rohoff, the singer Vitaa and the wife of Maître Gims. Suddenly, bim bam boom, Insta banned Booba for life from its platform. But the Duke of Boulogne still came back with another account a few months later. Smart.

6. Anja Rubik

Model Anja Rubik got banned for the same reason as Rihanna. She had indeed posted a screenshot of the home page of a website showing her wearing a transparent t-shirt from a fashion brand (which suddenly showed her breasts). But even her hilarious little caption “Don’t be afraid of the nipple” couldn’t convince Instagram not to censor her. I think Insta should still consult for this nipple phobia cause it’s getting hot.

7. Grace Coddington

The former director of Vogue had her account suspended for posting a drawing of her naked showing her “breasts” (yes, yes, a drawing…). It did not take more to Instagram to put a small ban in the head. What do you want to do after that?

8. Madonna

The international singer has repeatedly been banned from Instagram first for posting daring photos which, as usual, did not please Instagram but also for sharing photos that did not belong to her. Bah then Mado, and the right to the image??

9. Chelsea Handler

The My Family First actress also had her Instagram account blown up after posting a photo of her showing off one of her nipples. Clearly, no one escapes it.

10. Wiley

British rapper Wiley got banned from Instagram for a legitimate reason. He had indeed used the platform to share anti-Semitic remarks. He has, on various social networks, taken advantage of Jewish celebrities and made horrible comments about Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan. A well-deserved banishment.

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