Top 10 stars who are big boomers on the networks

We tend to idealize the lives of famous people and imagine them to be above the rest. Yet most of them are normal: they breathe like us, brush their teeth like us, are too lazy to get up in the morning like us, and, when they get older, become big boomers like our parents. Just look at the Insta, Facebook or Twitter accounts of some of them: after a certain age, they drop photos of dogs making jokes, vulgo comic drawings or inspiring quotes all fired up. They look like uncles a little redneck or moms a little lost on the internet, and basically, it’s still a little cute.

1. Snoop Dogg

You can be one of the greatest American rappers of all time and yet be a boomer on the networks. Snoop Dogg is the living example of this: the guy has a crazy career and limitless street cred (he was still part of the Crips the bugger), but he shares videos of little dogs with crying emojis. laugh on his Insta. It’s not imp, but it’s funny.

2. Michel Denisot

Denisot was one of the big ambassadors of the “Canal spirit”, supposed to represent a fine and stylish humor. He has always had the image of a very classy guy with the general public. Suddenly, when you see his Insta, it comes as a bit of a shock: between the inspiring quotes and the somewhat redundant drawings he shares, we have the impression that the Canal spirit has given way to the boomer spirit. Holy Michael.

3. Yannick Noah

Yannick Noah won Roland Garros, so he officially has the right to do whatever he wants on this Earth. Unfortunately, he chose to use this power to become a huge boomer. His posts regularly contain cute cartoons and dad jokes, all accompanied by captions that each contain around 50 crying laughing emojis.

4. Bernard Pivot

So here we are on a slightly different type of boomer: the boomer who likes good words. Because yes, on Twitter, Bernard Pivot publishes good words, little sentences based on puns which are intended to be of unparalleled finesse but rather resemble a bad book by Stéphane de Groodt (it’s a redundancy, yes ). Boomers like it. It makes them feel smart. But Bernard does not stop there: he is also a boomer who refuses the evolution of society and gets annoyed when others do not speak the good French he likes. Poor Bernie.

5. JoeyStarr

JoeyStarr combines a lot of boomer traits on his Insta. The main ones are an abuse of very heavy jokes, captions with the “#humordemerdequinefaitrirequemoimaisjassume”, and parodies of book covers Martine, a type of joke that has not been done for more than 10 years. It hurts to get old.

6. Super Nanny (Sylvie Jenaly)

Sylvie Jenaly is what you might call a “boomer mims”: at home, no sex jokes, no embarrassing stuff, but rather photos with useless filters and retina-burning montages. Nothing really bad, then, but we have a little the impression of having introduced Insta to our mother.

7. Britney Spears

Britney is another example of boomer mims. Her thing is rather ugly low quality stock photos and old-fashioned typos since 2012. A style all her own that delights her fans of more than 50 brooms.

8. Veronique Genest

We still needed a boomer of the reactionary, conspiratorial type in this top, so we chose Véronique Genest, proud representative of this category of the population. There’s not even a comment, just read his tweets and enjoy.

9. Bob Sinclar

And here it’s quite simply the ASS FAIR because ASS IS FUN!!!

We still like you Bob.

10. Zinedine Zidane

And we end with our favorite boomer: boomer dad, who posts pictures of dad. It’s simple, when you see her posts, it looks like our mom sent us news of their vacation. We love.

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