Top 10 songs of Sexion d’Assaut on which we have all already been surrounded

OH. MY. God. Hold on tight, the news I have to announce to you may well transcend you. Drive you crazy. A real ray of sunshine in our gloomy lives. Ok, teased enough, are you ready? Drum roll… (Damn, I’m really amazing in suspense, Nikos better watch out!) Come on… 3… 2… 1.5… 1… ASSAULT SEXION IS MAKING ITS BIG RETURN!!! After 10 years of absence, they announced the release of their new album, titled in all humility “The Return of the Kings”. The opportunity, therefore, to iron their best sounds, those on which we all vibrated during our tender adolescence. Chills guaranteed.

1. Wati by night

Even 12 years later, this music revives any evening. To listen without moderation, and to sing to fart the glottis. “SATURDAY EVENINGS, SOMETIMES IT DISAPPOINTS ME, FOR A FEW 100 TICKETS, IT GOES INTO A SQUIRT OF BLOOD”, watch out best time : “HEY HOOOOO HEY HOOOOO”, go, uuuuuuus together everybody all moooooonde!

2. Ma direction

Do you also still know it by heart? Do you also, during the chorus, raise your eyes to the sky by pointing your index finger towards the ceiling? It’s fucking intense every time.

3. Sorry

This incredible intro, the vibrato of Gims on “paaaAAAaaaAvé”: inimitable.

4. I stay up

See you right away at 13, keep your head up with this song, despite the low blows of life, huh? (Yes, we said “life” at the time, it was more swag). female dog of life: Bryan dumped you, you took 5 in math and your mother punished you with sleepover. College life was tough, though. Fortunately, Sexion was there to understand us, damn it.

5. Wati house

I have only one thing to say: He-he-he-he-Heeee mi amor, it’s a bet to mooort, por favooooor. Thumbtack, the art of juggling between French and Italian. (Just kidding, I know it’s Portuguese.)

6. I don’t have the loves

Another opportunity to reflect on the deep meaning of life. Frankly, we learned more in this album than in EMC class, right?

7. Stroll

Ptdr, regrouping when we were singing loudly “I’m going to walk in the Champs Élysée” when we lived in the depths of the French countryside. “I’m going for a walk, in the depths of the meadows, I said I’m going to walk, between the ears of wheat”, yeah.

8. Who Told You

“Who said that blondes were all bitches, all bitches, all-all-all bitches? » Cé tro vré pure, thanks to the Sexion for destroying the clichés: $ x3.

9. Hat upside down

Preferably the Wati-B cap, symbol of an intense swagggg, inevitable accessory to take your profile picture with the old webcam of the computer, tmtceeeey.

10. Before She Goes

Well, ok, we didn’t “ambience” in the literal sense of the term, but admit it… We all sang it, putting all our soul into it! Come on, get the tissues out. Moment emotion. Crying guaranteed. First degree, I’m still able to cry about it. Who has already made a photo montage, punctuated with messages in “Comics without MS”, on this song, for Mother’s Day? I ask like this….

Which is your favourite? Impossible to choose, personally! I’ll let you take the time to think about it, while remembering their best clashes. Great art.

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