Top 10 signs that your apartment is a little rotten

1. No one ever comes to party at your house.

Yes, yes, even if you offer a raclette evening. Your friends did come once, to help you move in, but strangely they never responded again each time you wanted to invite them again. Weird weird.

2. When you drop a bottle, it rolls to the other side of the room

Because yes, the floor of your apartment is very inclined. It’s certainly very original, and you really like winter sports, but you don’t like the idea of ​​living on a slope that much. And we understand you.

3. When your upstairs neighbor sneezes, your downstairs neighbor yells “Bless you!!”

Overall, you have long forgotten the concept of intimacy and you share everything you do with your neighbors. It’s handy when you want to keep up to date with the sentimental troubles of Gégé who lives next door, but it’s much less so when you’re trying to pawn off and Gégé, he’s arguing on the phone with his ex- woman. Fortunately, earplugs exist.

4. There’s lino… on the ceiling

Overall, the decor choices in this apartment are in slightly questionable taste. You realized it the day you noticed that the walls of the bathroom were covered with carpet and that the kitchen mixed Formica worktops and solid oak furniture. There’s everything to redo, and you really don’t know where to start.

5. It is -12°C for 6 months and 50°C for the next 6 months

You discovered that, unlike the rest of France, the interior of your apartment offered only two seasons: blizzards and extreme heat waves. Either, you peel your buttocks, or you drip through all the pores of your skin. It is extremely unpleasant.

6. It was available for rent for over a year and your landlord made you sign a 10-year lease

And he seemed far too happy that you were packing your bags in his property. If you want our opinion, he found the best pigeon of the year. Don’t worry, it’s happened to all of us.

7. There are water leaks in places where there is no water supply

Part of you is fascinated by what seems to be a mystery to science, while the other part is just fed up with having to put buckets everywhere to avoid living in a giant swimming pool. And the more time passes, the more this second part takes over.

8. You have to fold up your bed if you want to be able to open the front door

And you have to close the living room window to open the toilet window. The architect who designed this place was either blind or drunk or both. Fortunately, over time, you have learned all the techniques to move around in this cramped place like a cat in an attic, but it still ends up being slightly tiring.

9. You feel drafts when everything is closed at home

You obviously first believed in the presence of a ghost-type paranormal phenomenon, before realizing that this constant breeze was due to pretty interstices formed in your walls on both sides of your living room. You would almost have preferred your apartment to be haunted after all.

10. Even the rats that had settled there preferred to move

They left you a note when they left to tell you that it was unacceptable to let them live in such conditions. And the worst part of it all is that you fully understand their decision and are hesitant to follow them to their next residency. It can’t be worse than the current one anyway.

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