Top 10 sexiest works of art, the ones you wouldn’t say no to

Tired of listing random celebrities when you’re trying to find out who you’d like to sleep with? Alright then we’ll do better. Here are some works of art that deserve to be invited to dinner why not, if there is a good feeling, end up under a duvet hehe.

1. The Desperate by Gustave Courbet

The fighter plane painting. With his long hair, his deep gaze and his cinderblock-like forearms, I’m ready to do anything so that Gustave (it’s a self-portrait) finds hope if you know what I mean. .

2. David, by Michelangelo

As a reminder, Michou sculpted David carrying a sling, just before his fight against Goliath. So inevitably he is gaulé of phew the type. And then, if he is clearly naked before fighting, it means he must do the same on a date with you. Yum.

3. The Venus de Milo, from Alexandros of Antioch

So already it’s Venus (Aphrodite for my Grecquos), goddess of love, desire and beauty so we can’t dream of better. So ok she has no arms, but imagine what she can do with her feet. For me, that’s a big yes.

4. The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer

Because we love bread, because we love milk, and because she has everything of the mother we seek deep inside ourselves through our dates. Yes, we should all go to therapy.

5. Self-Portrait, by Van Gogh

We’re not going to lie to each other, Van Gogh was quite a handsome kid, and this Self-Portrait is surely his most accomplished. In addition, guys with an ear, it gets on my nerves, he can do whatever he wants with me.

6. American Gothic de Grant Wood

All those who say that there is an age for desire, well you are fat losers and you do not understand the seriousness of the ass. Personally these two old people touch me, and their smiles create butterflies in my stomach.

7. The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo

Already give me the name of Adam’s sports program because clearly I want his body. But what wakes up my hormones is the idea of ​​having a threesome with God and the first man. Just on the CV it slams.

8. The Automne by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Frankly, I hesitated with Printemps, but the truth is that the apple-pear-grape combo finally drew me into the twists and turns of desire. In addition with that you are sure to have your 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

9. Guernica, by Pablo Picasso

Clearly it’s an orgy under LSD with humans and animals so I don’t see who would refuse such a sensory experience. There are even bladed weapons olala but I book a hotel room direct.

10. Composition in red, yellow, blue and black by Piet Mondriaan

All these lines remind me of Verdun and mustard excites the senses so when in doubt I go there with the greatest serenity.

I’m going to take a yearly subscription to the Louvre.

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