Top 10 series where the writers do anything, you have to know how to say stop

There are series that we love and continue to watch decades after their release while admitting that they are very very badly written. After several seasons, it is easily felt when the writers have run out of ideas and completely improvise. We are not saying that these series are bad… but we can hardly speak of a masterpiece.

1. Riverdale, the one we don’t even want to talk about anymore

It’s been said for a long time that Riverdale is an absurd series, and even the most absurd of all the series ever created. The first season was already not phew but the sequel no longer makes sense. Between serial killers, cults and teenagers who become FBI agents, we no longer know where to turn. Would miss more that there are aliens and demons… Spoiler: it is the case. It makes you wonder if this series is not just a way to launder money for the production company.

Riverdale Resurrects Nik Scratch, Sabrina Spellman’s Boyfriend, In Jughead’s Body

2. Elite, the one that will surely have 32 seasons

When the first season ofElite came out, the Netflix populace was tempted. A mix of Gossip Girl et 13 Reasons Why in Spanish version, after all why not? The problem is that the writers were a little too lazy to imagine several seasons. So they chose the easy way: recycle the story every year by changing the characters. New actors, one murder per season and lots of ass: the miracle recipe.

3. Pretty Little Liars, when consistency doesn’t matter

Well, we really hit rock bottom. In Pretty Little Liars, a teenager disappears and her friends receive anonymous messages, signed -A, which reveal their darkest secrets. The problem is that the writers obviously hadn’t thought about the sequel when they started writing the episodes. Each season becomes more incomprehensible than the previous one and we end up giving up when we learn of the existence of an evil twin sister.

4. Once Upon A Time, the one that couldn’t stop in time

Once Upon A Time was a good idea for a series and frankly, it was pretty well done. Each actor played a character from a children’s story and it worked pretty well until the writers ran out of inspiration. They could have stopped, of course, but that’s not the kind of house! ABC has therefore released 7 seasons where all the characters mix and we get completely lost.

5. Gossip Girl, when the writers have run out of ideas

Here we love Gossip Girl even if it is an absolutely scandalous series. Despite our love for the golden youth of Manhattan, we must admit that the end of the series goes completely into a spin. From the moment Ivy the fake cousin enters the scene, nothing goes. The worst remains the pathetic return of Bart Bass with a lame explanation… “No, I wasn’t actually dead! »

6. The Walking Dead, AMC’s goose

Somebody stop the slaughter, please. The first season of The Walking Dead came out in 2010 and we still don’t have the end. There are only 7 people left in the world who are still watching the series and even they are tired of waiting for the final episode. From the moment The Walking Dead characters moved to Alexandria, the writers went on vacation, and nothing interesting ever happened again.

7. Lost, the one where we don’t even try to understand anymore

I would never dare to say that Lost is not a good series. Never. On the other hand, they could have made an effort on consistency. Over the seasons, we all dropped out at one time or another because we no longer understood anything about the story. We liked you guys though…

8. The Scott Brothers, the Poor Man’s Desperate Housewives

If we judge Gossip Girl, what about the Scott Brothers… For many, it’s the series of our adolescence and we only remember the good memories, but if we’re honest, it was really nonsense. The series should have ended when the characters left high school, but no, we had to add stories of kidnapping, killer nanny and evil fake brother. We would cry.

9. 13 Reasons Why, the catch-all series of social problems

What we can’t take away from this series for teens is that the characters are super endearing. The problem is that there is no other positive point. The original story is about bullying and suicide, but the writers thought that wasn’t enough. It was necessary to add a pinch of mental illness, a touch of shooting, a little prison and a character who dies of AIDS to finish in style. No, it’s really too much.

10. The Rain, the worst Netflix series of all time

Frankly, I don’t even want to talk about it. NEVER watch this series from hell, it’s a purge from beginning to end with an all bad scenario that draws inspiration from all the post-apocalyptic series that already exist without bringing anything good.

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