Top 10 series that have caused controversy (those that do not please everyone)

The series are often there to entertain us and exclude from our conversations all those who are not Netflix subscribers, and who are unable to understand all the references that moviegoers wedge into their sentences. However, it doesn’t always go as planned for the directors… Some have gotten a little lost along the way, and have found themselves confronted with more or less venerable controversies. Dahmer, the latest Netflix success to date, has, for example, aroused many negative emotions in just a few days. Oupsie.

1. Dahmer

The Netflix series, based on the life of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, author of the murders of 17 people and acts of cannibalism and barbarism, has achieved worldwide success in just a few weeks. However, it is controversial, and for several reasons! First, the series was produced without warning and without asking the opinion of the families of the victims. Some members of the latter have even seen themselves represented in the series, without having been informed. Dahmer’s father plans to file a complaint for the same reasons.

Then, she angered the LGBTQ+ community, linking the series to the tag #LGBT, because the murderer only attacked gay men. After strong reactions on the networks, Netflix finally removed this hashtag.

To top it off: some employees say they were victims of racism during the filming. A technician in the series, production coordinator, explains in particular that she was constantly confused with another black person, simply because of their skin color.

2. You

You stages a man game (Joe), completely deranged, who tracks several people before murdering them. A serial killer played by Penn Badgley, known to young people in the 2000s for the role of “Dan” in Gossip Girl. The problem is that some people, despite the horrors that Joe commits, manage to find him charming. Sexy. Attractive. Inevitably, the series has been accused of “glamorizing” a serial killer. A chilling phenomenon that has already happened in real life, with an impressive number of Americans who have fallen in love with Ted Bundy. Murderers who had admirers… Creepy.

3. Destiny: The Winx saga

It is especially episode 3 of season 2 that made the Internet jump: we see Bloom and her friends going to the ball. They are all ultra-fresh and well-dressed, except… Terra. The only one of the group to be physically stronger, and who, in fact, shows up at the party in a t-shirt, jacket and wide pants. A staging that does not pass very well on the side of public opinion (you surprise me)! Many offended messages swarmed on Twitter after the release of the episode.


4. Baby

Baby is a series inspired by the Italian scandal Baby Squillo: the discovery of a prostitution network of minors in the district of Parioli, in 2014. It then stages the life of Chiara and Ludovica, two high school girls who gradually fall into prostitution. What makes people react is not the story itself, but the way it is told on screen. Even before it was released on Netflix, the “National Center on Sexual Exploitation” association accused the series of “glamorizing” this industry of sex trafficking among minors.

5. The Crown

No big controversy in the scenario this time! Here, it is the pay gap between Claire Foy, central character of the series, and Matt Smith (playing King Philip) who shocked. The higher pay of the two went (obviously) to the actor, which helped bring the pay gap between men and women back into the spotlight in Hollywood. After this controversy, the series announced that no one would touch more than the interpreter of Elisabeth II.

6. House of Cards

October 2017, the #MeToo movement is gaining momentum, especially after the Weinstein affair. At the same time, Kevin Spacey, actor of the series, is the subject of numerous accusations of harassment and sexual assault. According to CNN, it is 8 employees of the series who qualify his behavior as “toxic”. He is fired and season 6 is announced as the last.

7. Euphoria

Euphoria quickly won over its audience. Thousands of fans are passionate about Rue’s stories and make it known on social networks. The series starts with good intentions, but it fails: it finds itself at the heart of a heavy controversy. According to the DARE, an association against violence and drugs, “Euphoria glorifies and misrepresents drug use, addiction, anonymous sex, violence, and other destructive behaviors as common behaviors. ».

8. Skins

A bit in the same vein, but version 2000s: Skins told the dramatic life of teenagers living in Bristol, based on drugs galore, sex, and parties bathed in alcohol. When a remake was proposed, many organizations opposed it, accusing the series of promoting drug use and glorifying sex among younger people.

9. Game of Thrones

Despite the show’s popularity and hype, not everyone was 100% convinced. Some spectators were disturbed by the incalculable number of sex scenes, and above all, by the regular representation of incest, rape, but also murder and unprecedented violence. The series was regularly criticized for “useless use of sexual scenes for exhibition purposes”.

10. Emily in Paris

Nothing too bad, but a slight shift from reality. A “small” 40 m2 apartment in the Marais is not exactly the reality of students who settle in Paris.

11. Bonus : Hey Honey, I’m home

The series did not last long, since it was stopped after the broadcast of a single and unique episode. If I tell you that this 90s sitcom starred couple Adolf Hitler / Eva Braun, living in Britain, next to their Jewish neighbors, you quickly pick up on the little ethical problem, right?

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