Top 10 series that are boring at first, but promised afterwards it’s good

You must have already found yourself in this situation where your friend has recommended a series to you, that you start to watch it, and that you find it boring. You go back to see your buddy telling him of your deep annoyance, and he lets go of you. “Nooooo but you have to hold on for 2 or 3 episodes and then it’s cool you’ll see! » It is exactly this kind of series that we are going to talk about today, with a strong message that you must integrate well: TENS GOOD.

1. Rings of Power

I myself had given up in the middle of episode 3 which was boring like the Moon (yes, the Moon is boring, there are only pebbles and an old American flag planted in the ground). As a fan of Lord of the Rings (not a big geek who doesn’t wash, eh, just an amateur), my disappointment was quite great. But my colleagues forced me to continue, boasting to me of the merits of the continuation of this series, and I must admit that the pleasure ended up showing the tip of its nose. Except when it comes to hobbits: damn are they stupid.


2. Sense 8

The story takes about 3 episodes to come together, and when you watch them you just feel like you’ve been robbed of 3 years of your life. But as you hang on, you end up witnessing a well-paced story full of adventures and Wi-Fi fucking, and you tell yourself that you did well to hold on until then. It’s a series made for patient people.

Sense8 episode final

3. Watchmen

Not knowing the comics, I personally had a lot of trouble with the beginning of this series. Honestly, I didn’t get anything at all. But since I was told it was good, and since it was made by Damon Lindelof – the guy who made Lost and especially The Leftovers – I held on. And around the 5th episode, it started to go completely crazy, and I finally understood who was this Dr. Manhattan who was talking about it a little with all his abused powers. It was good.


4. Better Call Saul

During the first seasons, whatever the fans say, it was going around in circles on old stories of rights and of the creepy brother who puts aluminum on his head, but after that it becomes crazy and you shit in your pants. stress and happiness. It’s a pity all the same that it wasn’t directly good from the start, it would have saved us time.

Better call saul

5. Sons of Anarchy

So I haven’t seen it and I’ve always had the impression that this series is only watched by daronnes, but one of my colleagues told me to talk about it here. According to him (and I trust him completely, I would entrust him with my kids if I had any), the series is super slow until we understand the motivations of the main character. Afterwards, it goes into a very stressful scenario with reversals of situation and bad guys who are still rather scary. And there are motorcycles. Trust him like me.

Sons of anarchy

6. Community

Well know it, I love it Community, for me it’s one of the best comedy series of all time, and I even made a top to say that Community is an underrated series. BUT to appreciate this work, it is unfortunately necessary to pass beyond the first 2-3 episodes which resemble a sitcom all that is most banal. After that, it’s the reward: fine and absurd humor, parodies and endearing characters. A little gem of a series.


7. The Sopranos

Well at first I thought it was about a choir but in fact not at all, it’s something about a mafia boss. In the early days of the show, the guy is just a redneck who goes to therapy, and after… it’s always the same thing, but as you start to like the characters, it gets a lot better.


8. The Wire

Often referred to as the best series of all time, The Wire opens at a slower pace. It’s complicated to understand what they’re trying to put in place during the first 4 episodes and after that it’s “phew sick”, according to the words of another of my colleagues with a charisma close to that of a guru of sect.

The wire

9. Downton Abbey

During the first season of this series about a family of English aristocrats, you don’t get anything because there are 10,000 characters to remember, you don’t get who is who, and above all it’s long and soft. Afterwards, the intrigues begin to take hold and you find yourself concerned by the future of the characters, even if it must be admitted that we remain closer to the soap opera than to the masterpiece. Yeah it’s hard but after a while you have to tell the truth.

Downton abbey

10. Friends

It really sucks until we’re done and we can finally watch something else.

Friends 1

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