Top 10 series actors who asked for their character to be killed

There are many series characters who deserved their death and no one will have anything to say about it. But be aware that in the little stories behind the deaths of characters are often hidden requests from the actors themselves. Like there are some who clearly don’t want to work anymore.

1. Kal Penn in “Doctor House”

We were all very sad to see Doctor Kutner leave, but the death of this character did not come out of nowhere. Kal Penn had actually received an offer to work in the White House in public relations alongside Barrack Obama.

2. Jeffrey Demunn dans “The Walking Dead”

We all agree that the Walking Dead comics are a thousand times better than the series. The sinking of this adaptation began in season 2 when the producers fired director Franck Darabont. His lifelong friend Jeffrey Demunn (Dale), who plays in a bunch of his films, therefore called the prod to tell them that it was disgusting to fire Darabont and that they had only to make his character die: “c It’s a zombie thing, make me die I don’t want to play in it anymore. “A guy with integrity.

3. Tom Payne dans “Walking Dead”

We stay in the Walking Dead universe with Tom Payne who leaves the series in the middle of season 9 for the simple reason that he felt that too many main characters survived in the series, so he decided to sacrifice himself to remind that in this dark series of zombies, everyone can pass. Mouaif. It seems abnormally generous to me, but I haven’t found any more crispy revelations on this subject.

4. Isaac Hayes dans “South Park”

The cult character of Chef in the series left the ship in 2006 (before leaving the ship of life in 2008 by the way) because he did not appreciate at all that we make fun of the mouths of Scientologists and scientology.

Issac hayes 1998
Credits photo (CC BY-SA 2.0) : John Mathew Smith & from Laurel Maryland, USA

5. Jessalyn Gilsig in “Vikings”

Fans of the series did not appreciate saying goodbye to their heroine Siggy at all, but what was their surprise to learn that the actress had left the series on her own for personal reasons “a family emergency” of which we will know nothing more and it is normal because somewhere it is his private life.

6. Raymond Cruz dans “Breaking Bad”

This good old Tuco Salamanca may have been one of the best villains of the series, the actor decided to leave the project simply because this character of a great bloodthirsty freak seemed to him much too hard to interpret in the long term. For his well-being he therefore preferred cassos.

7. Josh Charles dans “The Good Wife”

Fans of the series certainly remember this shocking scene in which Will is shot by his own client in full court. A blow to the character. But a clever calculation for the actor who had indeed asked that we jar him for the simple reason that the guy wanted to get on new projects. There really are some, one wonders who they think they are.

8. Dan Stevens dans “Downton Abbey”

Did you like the character of Matthew Crawley? Well too bad for you. The actor indeed asked that his character be killed for the simple reason that he did not want to be associated with a single role in his career as an actor. Haha yeah yeah but me it’s the same bro, I decided to stop the figuration because I didn’t want to be associated with wallpaper in my career as an actress.

630px dan stevens %2846801499514%29
Credits photo (CC BY-SA 2.0) : Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

9. John Francis Daley in “Bones”

Beginning of season 10 and it’s the drama. Dr Lance Sweets leaves us even though he is one of the heroes of the RENDEZ-VOUS COMPTE series. The death of such a character is not without reason naturally and the reason you want it? Bah John Francis Daley wanted to break to become a director. We owe him in particular since the co-production of the very good Game Night so we have to believe that he was right to start.

10. Pierre Clément in “Gears”

At this stage of the top you will certainly have understood that the actors finally have the right to do what they want and that they have often decided themselves to leave a series project even though their character would be adored. This is again the case of Grégory Fitoussi, aka Pierre Clément, killed in gears to our greatest despair. Fitoussi, who has become a starlet of the small skylight, needed to free up time to join other projects, so he said ciao (it means “goodbye” in Italian).

Do you also prefer the skin of the chicken to the chicken itself?

Source : Listverse, Serieously

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