Top 10 reasons why alcohol is prohibited during pregnancy

We know, it’s a long 9 months without drinking even a single small glass of red. But even if you may be tempted to discreetly have a beer during an aperitif with friends, know that it can really be very very dangerous for your unborn child, and that it is not for nothing that we apply a 0 tolerance policy for all alcoholic beverages during pregnancy. It sucks, but it’s only a while, it won’t last, and after having expelled your bacon, you can put on all the mojitos you want. In the meantime, it’s time for abstinence, an essential part of pregnancy.

1. Alcohol drunk by the mother passes into the blood of the baby

To sum up, if you have alcohol in your blood, well your baby will be stuffed too, since contrary to what one might think, the placenta does not serve as a protective barrier. So if you drink, your baby drinks too, without a filter.

Top 10 reasons why alcohol is prohibited during pregnancy

2. Alcohol can harm the developing fetus

First of all, there is the greatest risk, that of fetal alcohol syndrome, which can cause growth retardation, handicaps, mental retardation, behavioral and language disorders, but even without putting on big boxes every night, alcohol can have serious and above all irreversible consequences for your baby.

Want proof in pictures that the health effects of alcohol are disastrous?

3. It is not known how much alcohol can affect the fetus

The problem is that it is difficult to know the threshold amount of alcohol that could be harmful to the fetus. Data are scarce, so when in doubt, it is better to abstain completely, it is safer.

4. If you have any doubts or fears, don’t hesitate to talk about them

If you drank before knowing you were pregnant, if you gave in to temptation and had a drink during pregnancy, or if you are addicted to alcohol, you must talk about it, do not hesitate, either with his midwife/doctor, or via

5. Even if you drank alcohol in the beginning, quitting is always beneficial

There’s no bad time to stop drinking during pregnancy, even if you weren’t able to do so early on for your own reasons, know that stopping will still benefit your baby. to be born and for you.

6. The worst time to drink alcohol is during the first trimester

During embryogenesis, sensitivity to alcohol is at its peak, and birth defects can occur most during these early weeks. But that doesn’t mean you can let go after the first trimester, huh.

7. Total abstinence is best

Not a drop of alcohol during these 9 months is once again the healthiest thing to do. For some, it can be particularly complicated, especially in the case of addiction, but you can get help to carry this pregnancy to term, with everyone in good health.

8. All alcohol poses the same risk

We must not tell ourselves that it is less worse to drink a beer than a whiskey, it is not true. In any case, it’s still alcohol, it goes into your blood, and it tumbles into your baby’s amniotic fluid. It’s time to drink Champomy if you have something to celebrate. A good technique to be drunk without drinking.

9. Alcohol consumption is the number one cause of mental disability

On the unborn child, of non-genetic origin. Each year, between 700 to 3000 newborns are affected by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and a study dating from 2010 showed that 32% of pregnant women would continue to consume alcohol, 3% once a week, and 29% once a month.

10. Drinking alcohol can also be dangerous for pregnant women

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can cause premature labor or miscarriage, with all the moral and physical consequences that entails.

Basically, it sucks, we know it, but during pregnancy, 0 alcohol is the safest for everyone. Good luck !

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