Top 10 reasons to wear a plaid all year round, best outfit ever

You too, do you feel it coming? This shitty winter that started much too early with its -500°C and that we’re going to peel our ass off with for the next six months? We are already in no hurry, even if winter rhymes with raclette and Christmas. In order not to lose your joy of living during the days to come and put aside any desire to open your jugular with a butter knife, we have found the ultimate trick for you to survive these dark times: wear a plaid everywhere, all the time. And you’ll see, there are 36,000 reasons (10 in fact) to do it.

1. You’ll never be cold again

The advantage of always having a plaid on your shoulders is that as soon as the temperature drops below 20°C, you won’t be peeling your ass because you’ll always have something to warm you up. And above all, no need to bring a little wool in the evening. On the other hand, we warn you, there are chances that many of your friends will ask to squat under it, but that won’t change you from your sofa.

2. You can shade yourself when it’s hot

I can already see you coming with your “but how do we do it when it’s summer?? “. I thought of all the little friends: thanks to your plaid, you can already, at first, wrap yourself in it so as not to get sunburned, but above all hide that you are oilp underneath so as not to sweat too much. But above all, you will always have enough to shade yourself by hanging your plaid on tree branches or another DIY thing a little in this style.

3. You won’t have any more dress style problems

Since your plaid will cover three-quarters of your body, you’ll never have to wonder again what you’re going to wear today and if that butterfly crop top goes well with those faded football shorts. . As a result, in the morning, you will save invaluable time, time that you can use to inflate your tires or do some scrapbooking. Isn’t life beautiful?

4. You will live forever in absolute comfort

The softness of throws is matched only by the softness behind cats’ ears. Living wrapped in it is the promise of spending only moments of pure happiness and always finding comfort wherever you are.

5. It’s better than wearing itchy sweaters and stuffy turtlenecks

You have to say things, dressing well often means sacrificing comfort, something that will never happen when wearing an H24 plaid. Just sell all your clothes on Vinted to make a lot of wheat and live in sweetness and wealth.

6. You won’t get your jeans dirty anymore by sitting on the floor.

Multifunctional, your blanket can be used as a picnic tablecloth to avoid having your white jeans on the wet grass. But it can also play the role of a small cushion to protect your buttocks from the cold and the hardness of the tiles. Finally someone who only wants you well!

7. It makes a cape when you walk, so you’ll almost be a superhero

Yes, you will be the classiest person in the open space and many colleagues will envy you. We prefer to warn you.

8. You can wear it in different ways depending on your mood

In a toga if you feel like you’re in a conquering mood today, in bandai-gaeru mode if you feel like a child, in a burrito if you’re dying… A great way to communicate your mood to the outside world.

9. You will be direct in your outfit to go to bed

When you come home from a hard day or a big night out, the only thing you want to do is get yourself into bed as soon as possible. Well surprise, by wearing a plaid all year round, you can do it at any time. And hop, sleep Annick!

10. You will save a lot of money on heating

Who needs to live in a room heated to 20°C after merging with a plaid? Nobody, yes. To you the money in abundance thanks to this small plaid which will have cost you less than 40 bucks. So what are you going to do with all that money, tell us?

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