Top 10 reasons to watch the Women’s Euro

And zépartiiii for the Women’s Euro! It starts today and we strongly advise you to watch it because it promises to be a great championship. And if you’re on the “yeah, women’s football sucks” team, well, I can’t do anything more for you, except tell you that you’re a dark fool and that you can move on. Now that I’ve insulted you maybe for free I’ll let you get your brains pumping for absolutely wanting to watch that euro.

1. To make up for our Euro 2021 trauma

We have said it over and over again, but the men’s euro last year remains a real trauma. Armed with confidence after the victory of the blues in the World Cup and above all more and more admiring in front of our national star Mbappé, how could we imagine getting out in the round of 16 against Switzerland on a missed penalty from said star? It was simply inconceivable. Tell yourself that it is very unlikely that the same scenario will happen this year among women, and that seeing them win may appease your hatred.

2. Know that you can watch the matches for free

Are you tired of donating your kidney to Bolloré just to watch PSG get out of the Champions League every year? Note that the Women’s Euro will be broadcast on Canal (necessarily) but also on TF1, which is a free channel. No need to watch the match in Uzbek on a weird streaming channel or especially no need to pay a subscription, you can watch the matches serenely and that these days is luxury.

3. France are among the favorites

Yes, we say that all the time, but this time it’s true. The daughters of Corine Deacon have everything to succeed: a fiery attack with Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Delphine Cascarino or even Melvine Malard. They just need to beat Italy first, and if the women align themselves with what the men are doing at the moment it shouldn’t be too difficult, the Belgians, who must surely eat too many fries to go far and finally the Icelandic ones, and now it’s cold in Iceland (I had nothing else to say about them). In short, the group phases are singer in ze noze.

4. More seriously, the French are on a roll

Well it’s true that I said a bit of shit in the previous point, but what’s true is that the French have only been beaten by the United States since 2019, and that logically the Americans don’t won’t be at the Euro (it’s logical), so it smells good to me, I’m telling you.

5. For the Diani – Katoto duo

Kadi Diani and Marie-Antoinette Katoto are two accomplice attackers who will certainly give us a good game. Kadi Diani, for those who don’t know, it’s two titles as young people (under-17 world champion, Europe under 19) and a real revelation for the French team after the 2019 World Cup.

For Katoto, we no longer present it. The young PSG player was the big absentee from the 2019 World Cup. She is therefore making her comeback in international competitions this year, after being voted best player in D1 this season with PSG. We can’t wait to see all this because it promises to be beautiful.

6. To continue to piss off Bernard Lacombe as long as possible (and Zemmour too why not)

I don’t know if you remember what our dear Bernard Lacombe, who was then adviser to the president of OL in 2013 on RMC, said. According to him, women should rather “take care of their pots” rather than talking about football. Nothing more normal.

Ah and Zemmour joins him a bit on this, he declared, only a few months ago on LCI “I do not prohibit women from playing football, but it is no longer football”. Well, are we really going to debate the above, with people who do not deserve to have their words highlighted? No, but it’s always nice to prove them wrong, very very wrong.

7. It would be the first title of the French women

The big challenge for the French women is also to get past the quarter-finals, because they have always failed at this stage of the competition.

Past this barrier at which they have always stopped in the past, it will be a highway of possibilities that will open up to them, in the direction of victory (yes, I am reviewing my rules of the road at the moment).

8. Games will spice up your lackluster summer

Remember, the Euro will be held from July 6 to July 31, so it’s a good excuse to go watch the matches at the bar with your friends. Especially when you know that the World Cup is dyed from November 15 to July 15, that it will be cold and ugly that if you want to go out to watch matches in a good mood and in the sun, it’s now or never.

9. For Wendie Renard, always Wendie Renard

The unbeatable captain of the France team will always delight us. With her hundred selections in the French team, the Lyonnaise has marked her time by being one of the best players in the world. We are very happy to have her among our ranks.

10. Because everything is good in the pig

And suddenly it’s exactly the same for football. If it had been the men’s Euro you wouldn’t even have asked yourself the question. But everything is good in football, so of course it’s worth watching Euro 2022.

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