Top 10 reasons to support the women’s PSG, we have the best

Women’s football is underrated and that’s a shame. PSG are constantly screwing up in the Champions League and it’s really starting to piss us off, but did you know that the women of PSG had recently qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League by eliminating Bayern? No, you didn’t (don’t pretend to be offended, I know you). In short, that’s why you should support the women’s PSG, because if the men are struggling, the women are proving (drop the mic).

1. They just beat Bayern Munich at home

The women of PSG managed to win in Bavaria (so with the enemy, it’s not nothing), with on top of that, a double from Katoto. They are therefore on favorable waivers in this quarter-final in the hope that they will be qualified for the rest, but we believe in it.

2. They have already reached the Champions League final twice

In 2015 and 2017 the Parisiennes went to the final of the Champions League. OK, they’ve never won (not yet anyway), but two finals for a relatively young team isn’t bad (it’s already better than what the guys are doing hehe).

In 2015, they were beaten by the Germans of FC Frankfurt in Berlin, with a fairly tight score: 2-1. In 2017, they failed one step from the top step of the podium against Lyonnaises in a French final, after an ultra tight match that ended in penalties. Defeats ok, but not just anyhow and not against anyone.

3. Because we love Marie-Antoinette Katoto

Katoto is nothing but the top scorer in Paris, but also the top scorer in the French championship in 2019 and 2020. The 23-year-old is clearly one of the best French hopes, and she carries her team from PSG for a few seasons now.

Still not convinced? Know that she offered the victory of PSG in the Coupe de France against Lyon in 2018 by scoring the only goal of the final on a blow from the sombrero. Yes a sombrero.

4. The ultras of Paris also support them, of course

The ultras of Paris (not to be confused with hooligans who are just very stupid people) are the very devoted supporters of the capital, ready to pay an annual subscription to be part of the association and attend the matches of their favorite club. . You would think that they only support men but that is not the case. For quite a long time the Parisiennes could not play at the Parc des Princes, well the ultras would still support them at the Jean Bouin stadium, next to the Parc des Princes.

“It’s not an escape from the boys. With them, it’s something special! We have been supporting them for almost eight years, ”said one of the ultras from Paris to the newspaper Ouest France. Here, if the ultras support them, you should support them too.

5. They were champions of France for the first time in 2021

In 2021, for the first time in its women’s history, PSG won the French championship by beating Dijon (3-0). With this victory, the Parisiennes overtook the Lyonnaises, who had already won the title 14 times. A victory that gives great hope to the Parisiennes who are asserting themselves more and more in Ligue 1.

6. They are finalists for the Champions Trophy in 2019

For the first edition of the Champions Trophy, it is OL who will win against PSG.

It was a very tight match where the Parisiennes faced the Lyonnaises, undefeated in the French championships and in the Coupe de France that year. A second place which is honorable for the first female edition of this trophy.

7. 4 PSG players in UEFA Women’s Champions League Top 23 group

At the end of 2020, UEFA published the group of the best players in the Women’s Champions League. And of the 23 selected, 4 were part of the Parisian squad. We find there: Christiane Endler goalkeeper (who is now playing at OL), defender Paulina Dudek, striker Kadidiatou Diani and finally striker Marie-Antoinette Katoto.

8. In women’s football, OL largely dominates, you can almost say that you support a small team

We hear a lot of people say “yeah I prefer small teams, there is more room for development and we are happier when they win”, and it’s not a totally stupid argument, we can understand. Well if you support the female PSG, you are not supporting the club which dominates in France, far from it. As we said a little above, PSG has only just won its first French championship title, when OL has already won 14 or Stade de Reims has won 5.

So you can finally freely say “they are evolving, it makes me so happy, I support them because I know that in a few years they will dominate French football”.

9. Women’s football is underrated as PSG men are rotten from the uk

We have written a lot of top to show you how cursed PSG was, or the chaotic course of the club in the Champions League. So if you’re tired of crying with men, you can perhaps console yourself a little with Parisiennes. And better than that, we must not support this team by default, but recognize that the Parisiennes have great potential at national and European level and that the matches are really a treat.

10. You can also support the PSG handball team and if you are disgusted with football

And if you’re really tired of football, know that PSG handball is really not yucky. 8 French champion titles, 5 French Cups, 3 League Cups and a Champions League final. A great track record that will perhaps make you become a fan of a new sport, you never know?

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