Top 10 reasons to spend your holidays on a boat, we love boatlife

1. You discover a new landscape every day

It’s nice to wake up every day with a view of the Reims bus station, but it’s still more fun to see pretty river landscapes and cute animals. In addition, you can see several landscapes a day while piloting a boat like a real captain.

2. No need to cram in a car for 8 hours

Going on vacation is often synonymous with an interminable journey, but also with repeated tolls and triangle sandwiches at 12€. By leaving on a boat, we avoid the traffic jams and the kids who fight on the back shelf.

3. You don’t even need to pass the license

Passing the boat license is really not child’s play and I do not advise anyone to embark on this hassle. The ideal is to rent a boat without a license with your friends and drive each in turn or even all at the same time (it’s a joke, don’t do that).

4. There are no creepy neighbors asking to turn the music down.

When we go on vacation with friends, we will inevitably have parties and put the music on loud to deafen the neighborhood. The good thing about vacationing in a boat along a canal, surrounded by nature, is that no one can come and bother you.

5. You do your green gesture of the month

You could have gone on a road trip or worse, by plane, but no: you chose the boat. If you spend your holidays on a family barge type boat, it is possible to pollute much less than in more traditional holidays. In addition, you can make excursions by bike; it’s tiring, yes, but the planet will thank you.

6. You always wanted to wear a captain’s cap

Speaking of captain, you will finally be able to fulfill your dream of wearing a nice sailor cap. All your friends will have to call you “Captain” and you can give orders by humming Santiano. “Hold on to the wave and hold on to the wind, Hoist high…”

7. It’s more comfortable than you think

When we say “boating vacation”, you think of a cruise liner or a drifting kayak and inevitably, it doesn’t make you want to. Know that there are plenty of other alternatives and you can rent a boat just for you and your friends where everyone will have their own cozy bed (much more luxurious than camping in a tent)

8. Every moment is a new adventure

A vacation on a boat is a bit like Frodo’s quest that crosses Middle-earth (without the Orcs and the mountains to climb): we realize that it is not the destination that counts but the way traveled. It’s still nice to cross several departments while tanning on a floating terrace.

9. No need to dress up

When you’re in a hotel, campsite or even a rental house, you can’t afford to stay in a bathing suit all day. You have to dress to take the car, go to a restaurant or go shopping and it’s a bit of a pain to dress when it’s super hot and you’re lazy. On your boat, no one will tell you how to dress.

10. You can redo the scenes from Titanic

You’ve been waiting for this moment for years and you can’t wait to shout “I’m the king of the world!” “. On the other hand, you are not redoing the rest of the film, thank you.

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