Top 10 reasons to never force a child to finish their plate

“If you finish your entire plate, you will be entitled to two desserts! “, ” You are not hungry ? Alright then, no story tonight, you can go straight to bed! “, “A spoonful for Mamaaaaaannn, a spoonful for Tontooooooonnnnn, a spoonful for the neighbor in shorts in the rocket of Elon Musk…”. When meals are more about high-flying negotiation than a friendly and warm moment, it may be time to question yourself. Here are the 10 reasons why you should not force a child to finish his plate.

1. It’s disgusting so you sympathize

Let’s be honest, it looks infamous and you’re already very impressed that he ate half of that broccoli (which is clearly one of the most hated foods for children).

2. It’s delicious and you’re eyeing it…

Conversely, between us, it’s really giving jam to pigs and you’ve been drooling over this Picard sorrel salmon since you took it out of the freezer.

3. He fucks everywhere

It’s only a matter of time before the meal escalates and you’re really lazy to sort the peas from the dust bunnies on the carpet. So yes, of course, what idea to feed a three and a half year old child above a carpet? Well, you have to believe that you are the kind of people who held on and did not entirely give up all of their warm, cozy modern decor despite the arrival of the Tasmanian devil.

4. Makes you a meal in advance

In the wonderful case where the child has already eaten half (without pronouncing the fateful sentence “It’s yuck”), we put it back in the fridge and presto! tomorrow’s meal is already ready. On the other hand, if you think that spreading lentils or peas in pasta, neither seen nor known, will go unnoticed, we’ll stop you right away: they have a radar for this kind of scam.

Parents rp endive gratin repas

5. We avoid creating a wasteful monster

A child who is forced to eat will find all the subterfuges to throw the food he doesn’t want to see down his throat, be sure of that. It would still be a shame to waste so much from such a young age.

6. Because you recognize yourself too much

Honestly, when you see your daughter acting in front of 3 poor green beans and it clearly reminds you of yourself at the same age, it’s still damn destabilizing… So zou! end of the meal!

7. (Watch out SCOOP and we’re getting to the heart of the matter) SIMPLY BECAUSE THIS CHILD MAY NOT BE HUNGRY ANYMORE!

Children are equipped from birth with hormones indicating the signals of hunger (ghrelin) and satiety (leptin) which allow them to control their appetite. Helping the child to recognize these signals promotes the development of a healthy relationship with food. Forcing to finish one’s plate contributes to blurring the natural feeling of hunger and the regulation of meals. We don’t necessarily talk about behavioral eating disorder but between us, you prefer to force your child to finish his plate and get you screwed up during his psychoanalysis or else try to trust him (and get screwed up during his psychoanalysis because what not to mess around)?

Sp parents maman manger 3

8. Forcing him to eat is throwing a veil of negativity on the food concerned.

And you can be sure that at the mere mention of this food that has not passed the first round, it will be dead to rehabilitate it, even cooked in another way.

9. Eating should remain a pleasure

And it’s the best way to find ourselves one day encouraging our little cherub who has grown up on the other side of the TV during his qualification for the Top Chef final, supported by Philippe Etchebest who will put him under sick but structuring pressure. and full of contained emotions.

10. A child will never starve to death.

We are told this from the first hours of an unfinished bottle. And yet, it can be weird when you have the impression that he hardly touched his plate. But let’s say it again: trust him, name of a briar wood pipe. Before filling his plate, you can for example ask him if he has a little or a big hunger, it avoids wasting. Or let him serve himself. Come on, shall we try?

And then frankly, we are not in a tale of the Grimm brothers way Hansel and Gretel, the force-feeding of children is so 19th century.

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