Top 10 reasons to be nice to insects, why this discrimination?

Nobody likes bugs, that’s a fact. Even the biggest animal friends can’t stand these little critters that spoil our summer holidays and swarm in the gardens. However, insects are animals like any other and when we see that 80% of insects have disappeared in 30 years, we say to ourselves that we could perhaps make an effort.

1. Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals in the world, better be their friends

Much more dangerous than lions and crocodiles, mosquitoes kill more than 700,000 people a year as they spread deadly diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. They are therefore not only the most dangerous insects but also the deadliest animals in the world. Considering how harmful they are, it would be better to make friends with them instead of declaring war on them.

Not sure that this argument is well thought out but it is an idea to study.

Topito vs moustique

2. Ants are much more hardworking than us, it commands respect

While humans spend their time trying to kill each other, ants live in an organized and super productive society. They are able to carry up to 1000 times their weight and spend all their time working. If they were a bit bigger, they would certainly dominate the world given the number of ants on the planet. Frankly, we owe them respect.

3. Some insects don’t even live for two days, they better get the most out of it

Some insects like mayflies or gnats have a super low life expectancy (bolosses). When you live less than two days, I consider that you deserve to have a pepouze existence without getting bored. Let the gnats land on the melon of the picnic, it is surely their last meal.

4. Lice in a child’s hair can be very helpful

What if I told you that you could get revenge on all the people you can’t stand with insects less than a centimeter? By sending your lice-infested child to spend time with people who annoy you like neighbors or your in-laws, you can sow chaos while feigning innocence.

Topito mosaiques. 4trucs...

5. Flies are so pitiful that we want to help them

The fly is stupid, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean you have to hate it. They bump into the glass when you have opened the window wide, rub their disgusting paws on your food, make more noise with their wings than your neighbor Bruno with his drill on Saturday morning. So we despise and hate them instead of being magnanimous. Let’s all be kind to flies and the world will be much better off.

6. Centipedes give a rustic look to your bathroom

It’s always a little country house pleasure to come across a very disgusting centipede when entering the shower. It’s a little pleasure that you can’t find in town, it reminds you of vacations at grandma’s and sweet childhood memories.

7. Wasps make you exercise instead of comatose on your lounge chair.

All kids (and some adults) are afraid of wasps. No matter how much we told you not to move and ignore the critters, you couldn’t help but sprint with your ice cream. Looking back, it allowed you to move your butt a little during your long summer vacation.

Topito mosaique guepe

8. Ladybugs save our tomatoes from nasty aphids

Ladybugs have a pretty good reputation compared to the majority of insects. We let them land on us and roam around as they please just because they have a pretty color and are known to bring good luck. In addition to that, it is thanks to them that we can eat tomatoes that have not been devoured by aphids and we should congratulate them a little more.

9. Cockroaches force you to do a well-deserved spring cleaning.

Cockroaches are the most hated insects on the planet after mosquitoes. They really have a bad reputation and inspire an extreme form of disgust. Unlike other insects, it is out of the question to ignore a cockroach that you see passing by at home and this is usually the moment when you decide to embark on a cleaning day. We move the furniture, we scrub from top to bottom, we’re super satisfied at the end and we don’t even thank the cockroaches.

10. Bees are cute AND save the planet

Remember when bees were considered pests just like wasps? Today, we save them when they drown in the pool and we stop the traps based on grenadine syrup to avoid accidentally hitting them. At the same time, these critters and their pollination are what allow us to continue to live, so we owe them a lot. Plus, they’re really cute insects.

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