Top 10 rarest physical features in the world

You thought you were rare? It’s wrong. There are people who are so much rarer than you as you will see with these weird and amazing people.

1. This man who, at 72, is the first on earth to have a hissing penis.

To be more precise the doctors spoke of a “hissing scrotum”. For my part, I will call it the magic flute.

An extremely rare pathology has occurred in the life of this 72-year-old man. One morning, he discovers that his penis is whistling. A phenomenon still little studied by medicine.

Posted by Marie-France on Sunday, July 3, 2022

2. This guy who is the only one in the world to have had twice a face transplant

And we congratulate him.

3. Those people who have their hearts on the right

It is extremely rare and it still has a small name: Situs inversus. It’s barely 1 in 10,000.

4. Red or pink eyes

We told you about it in the things to know about eye color, and among the unusual colors we will not fail to mention the pinkish eyes found in people with albinism. A rarity that less than one person in 20,000 can claim.

5. Cat eye syndrome

Much less cool in real life than on paper, this syndrome is due to a not very funny chromosomal disease which manifests itself, among other things, by a coloboma: when the iris has not developed correctly, which gives the impression of a misshapen pupil.

6. Ambidextrous people

When you more or less manage to do something with your left hand when you are right-handed, you quickly say that you are ambidextrous. But close it. The real real ambidextrous are the people who manage to do as many things with their right hand as with their left hand without it bothering them in the least. These people are barely 1% on the planet and I think we should consider them our new gods because they can do some pretty cool stuff like this:

7. This woman who walks on all fours, but really like

Why will you tell me? Well Ella Harper, otherwise known as “the camel woman”, had the brilliant idea of ​​being born with a very rare orthopedic condition that allows her to bend her knees forward. Yes it hurts just to write it.

8. Frank Lentini, the man with three legs

Ischiopagus is a completely crazy malformation of the ass (I couldn’t find any other words). The concept is that in your mom’s womb grows a parasitic twin. The thing that happens is that two twins intertwine and one takes precedence over the other by absorbing it. This very rare malformation stirs many fantasies (as in the shitty movie Malignant) and manifested itself in this young man of the 19th century in the form of a third leg.

9. Martin Laurello

I tell you no more I let you watch this video that makes you scream:

10. These superhumans who manage to give themselves goosebumps on command

OK it’s really burst as a super power but sometimes in life you have to learn to settle for little. At least those who know how to do it are part of the 1% of the planet. Super rare.

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