Top 10 proofs that the future is shit, everything is going to hell

The future holds many surprises for us, starting with the death of all of us, since it is the only thing we are 100% certain of. Now that we have started this top on a happy note, I can focus on another aspect of our common future: technology. We can be almost certain that several inventions will all be rotten and will only cause us harm, that’s what I suggest you see right away with some examples of really shitty stuff from the future.

1. Automatic cars do anything

The prestigious Tesla brand (prestigious in the sense that it’s expensive) got a bit screwed up when several models started to mess up. Loss of control, refusal to brake, unmanageable speed… Several accidents, some of which were fatal, took place, which is not at all reassuring.

2. You can be extorted for your cryptocurrencies

It’s not bullshit or online data theft, it’s really about thieves physically attacking people in the City of London area to ask them to transfer their cryptocurrency to their accounts. . Not really secure these famous currencies.

3. NFTs are going crazy

They were sold to us as the future of internet exchanges and it quickly went down the drain since even some video game studios wanted to get started. If there are parts of the concept that will probably continue to exist like the certificates of authenticity, chances are that it will continue to break the mouth in beauty.

4. There are sexual assaults in the metaverse

There’s so much reason to think this invention sucks that you were shown the shitty stuff of the metaverse. In the middle of all these things was the story of an English woman whose avatar had been blocked by four others who insulted her, asked her to masturbate and tried to touch her. And she had barely been online for a minute. Good atmosphere.

5. Drones are mainly used to kill people

At the base we thought that we were going to be able to use them to take beautiful photos or at worst to have stuff delivered, but no. Most uses of drones are by the military and are only used to bomb and kill people. Great these little flying machines.

6. Robots already say they want to wipe out humanity

Who speaks of the future speaks of robots, and on this you can be sure that several companies are currently working on the subject. During a presentation of a robot with an artificial intelligence, this one had quite simply let go in an interview that he intended to annihilate humanity. Reassuring these future friends, we’re going to have a lot of fun.

7. Tesla’s “tunnel loop” supposed to be anti-traffic is already a failure

Imagine being in a car driving in a grey, narrow and several kilometers long tunnel at low speed, it’s already anguish. But imagine that the only positive thing about this invention is the fact that it prevents traffic jams but in fact it’s a failure since it still jams inside, wouldn’t that be stupid? Well it is.


Finally not really because of the planet, rather because of these big companies which pollute enormously in their search for progress and income. But hey, it’s good to have super powerful smartphones, especially when you’re dead.

9. There is still no PS5 and XBOX available

A year and a half. A YEAR AND A HALF since these consoles came out and there are still fucking waiting lists to get them. It is shameful. It’s worse than shameful, it’s unpleasant.

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