Top 10 proofs that stars don’t have the same love life as us at all

Whatever one may say, the stars are not like us. They sleep in 5,000 bucks a night hotels, get freebies every day, and have bathrooms the size of student apartments. Really nothing to do with our humble lives. Yeah, maybe we’re totally envious. But if there’s one thing we don’t envy them, it’s their somewhat weird love life.

1. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly revealed they drank their blood

When you and the person you love ask for marriage, it looks more like this:

_ ” We get married ?

_ Yeah

_ Cool. Shall we eat pasta tonight? »

But for Megan Fox and MGK, it’s more of a weird blood pact, and it makes you want a lot less than a good pasta dish.

2. Pete Davidson got a tattoo of Kim Kardashian’s children’s initials.

Loving your stepchildren is great. Getting their initials tattooed when you’ve been dating your mother for about 7 months is immediately a lot less great. It’s even a bit creepy.

3. Kourtney Kardashian said her doctor recommended she drink Travis Barker’s semen to get pregnant

Kim’s sister and her hubby, Blink-182 drummer, already have a weird habit of rolling big, slobbery shovels in front of the cameras, but their weird love goes even further. Because yes, in an interview, Kim revealed that her doctor had recommended that she drink Travis’s semen 4 times a week if she wanted to get pregnant. How do I tell him it doesn’t work that way?

4. Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara have side-by-side toilets and sometimes poop together

Maybe you don’t know these two nerds, so know that they are an American singer and an actor who are in a relationship, and their little thing is to like to do the big errand to of them. Kind at the same time, with toilets side by side, just to share the moment. Already that shitting the open door is debated in a lot of couples, we are not sure that their way of doing things is launching a real fashion among ordinary people.

5. KJ Apa drinks his wife Clara Berry’s breast milk

What do an actor/singer and a model/influencer do when they have a child? Well the gentleman is drinking the lady’s breast milk in his coffee. Finally, if we are to believe this Insta video posted by KJ Apa himself, this is what is happening. They freak out these stars.

6. Will and Jada Smith who talk about their love life in great detail in an interview

All couples can have a different sexuality, even disputes over sexuality, but they generally refrain from talking about it in public. Not Will and Jada. They pretty much do the opposite and spend their interviews talking about Jada’s cheating or her sexual appetite. It’s super embarrassing for everyone.

7. Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen had bowls full of cigarettes at their wedding.

Yes, we know it’s wrong to judge other people’s marriages, but let’s be honest for a minute: we all do it. And the trick of filling salad bowls with cigarettes so that all the guests can smoke in the eye during the wedding evening, it’s frankly very weird. Normal that it went to divorce.

8. Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos and their $38 billion divorce

When we divorce, it will generally hit the tens of thousands of dollars. The stars, when they divorce, it’s immediately millions. And then when these stars are at the same time multi-billionaires, we arrive at divorces whose amounts exceed the GDP of quite a few countries. It’s a bit indecent, if you ask us.

9. Kanye West who sent a truckload of roses to his ex Kim Kardashian

You should know that Kanye West is not always psychologically very stable and that he may have had some disproportionate reactions following his separation from Kim Kardashian. One of them is sending a 4×4 full of roses to her ex on Valentine’s Day. We are not talking about a big bouquet no, but about a whole cargo. But know that he spent even more to stay in life in his ex: in December 2021, he simply bought the house next to that of Kim K, just to never be very far from her. Only a star could afford to be so creepy.

10. Kim K.’s sex tape has grossed over $50 million

We made a sex tape, it will bring in a little 15 bucks, and again it will be because people will have paid for us to stop showing them. We really don’t have the same love life.

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