Top 10 proofs that December is the best month of the year

1. It’s cold, it’s a good reason to stay quietly at home

Given the temperature outside, you no longer need an excuse to refuse reloue evenings and stay at home under the plaid (we’ll come back to this subject quickly) to watch series.

2. End of year celebrations

The little string lights, the people doing their last-minute shopping, the window displays. Don’t tell me it’s not the best time of the year.

3. It comes after the month of November, which objectively sucks

Obviously next to his little friend, the month of December looks incredible.

4. As for the month of January, I won’t even tell you about it

Clearly, being positioned between the two worst months of the year could only be a boost to get to the top of the podium for the coolest months of the year, it’s almost cheating.

5. You can wear a plaid constantly without being judged.

This famous rather ugly piece of fabric (there was a clue: in the word “plaid” there is the word “ugly”) in which one cannot decently wrap oneself the rest of the year becomes the flagship accessory in December: on your sofa, at work, in the metro, the plaid now has its place in your heart.

6. It’s the end of the year, we can finally move on

With the end of the year comes the time to take stock, a bit like a birthday but common to everyone. One more year then? Well, we’re going to try to do better, even to do almost as well as last year.

7. We can judge our colleagues who have a passion for Christmas TV movies

And secretly watch Christmas TV movies ourselves just to criticize them well (but hey, to criticize well, you have to watch them too, it’s out of pure professionalism of criticism).

8. It’s the month of Sagittarius

Good more or less since it goes from November 21 to December 21, but it goes without saying that it is the best astrological sign and therefore quite naturally it makes December an excellent month to pay tribute to these beautiful people.

9. We can finally eat gingerbread as a snack

Strangely, the rest of the year is gross but it’s as if our taste buds were programmed to appreciate the taste just for this time of year.

10. The DNA of our body is transformed and then consists mainly of hot chocolate

Goodbye coffee. Out the tea. In December, it’s hot chocolate for breakfast, hot chocolate for tea and hot chocolate before bed. During this period, your stomach develops extraordinary resistance capacities.

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