Top 10 proofs that Belgians are the best people in Europe

This weekend, I was in Belgium, a country dear to my heart because it’s already not far from my home and what’s more, it’s cool. If there was little doubt to say that the Belgians are the best French-speaking people, we will even go further than that by saying that they are probably quite simply the best people in Europe. If you don’t believe me, just read the arguments, and if you still don’t agree at the end, you’re just jealous and French.

1. Because they are really super nice

If you want to see what a nice person it is, I advise you to go for a walk in Wallonia, it may not be the most beautiful part of Belgium, but everyone is pleasant and smells like camellias. . Then go spend a week in Paris and you will see how nice the Belgians really are.

2. Because they say hello and talk to you

Stop someone in any city in France and say hello to them before starting a dialogue with them, you will quickly become disillusioned. While in Belgium they don’t look at you as if you’ve just shit gold, they answer you with a smile, they pat you warmly on the shoulder and they offer you a Liège waffle. Truthful.

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3. Because they have a sense of humor

The Belgians not only have a smile, but they also know how to laugh, especially since they have a good sense of humor about themselves, which is not at all the case with the French who are ready to file a complaint the slightest joke when it’s not the last to make fun of the rest of the world (by being racist). Another difference between France and Belgium.

4. Because they like (and know how) to party

You’ve never had a party in your life if you haven’t walked around the square in Liège on a Friday evening or ended an evening around the Delirium Café in Brussels eating your fries and your poulicroc as the day begins to get up. In Belgium, we know how to have fun and it is generally done in a spirit of frank camaraderie and benevolence.

5. Because they have real fries (and don’t make crates of them)

In Belgium you can eat a cone of fries in the evening and come across GOOD FRIES, not the very wet and cold ones that you buy for 6 euros in the streets of our cities with a disgusting sauce and which smell like the footbath of a swimming pool disused municipal.

6. Because they have chocolate and beer

Chocolate is nice, it’s good, but in real life we ​​don’t care because in this point we will mainly talk about their beers. There are more Belgian beer brands than humans on earth according to the latest estimates and while they’re not all amazing there are a bunch worth checking out. Never trust the little garden gnome on the bottles of Chouffe, he only wants you well.

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7. Because their accent is warm

According to a super serious scientific study, the Belgian accent has the particularity of awakening joy in those who hear it. Why ? Because apparently the first men on Earth spoke with a Belgian accent, so it’s a reflex of the collective memory to be happy when hearing it because it reminds us of the good old days when we were warm in caves .

8. Because they sent french fries into space

Of all the people who have walked this Earth none have put so much energy and research into the sole purpose of doing something so cool, and for that alone they hold the first place in life of the most brilliant people of the world. world. And besides, they are beautiful.

9. Because they are accommodating and adapt to everything

You ask them to do something and they immediately say yes, they are always ready to try out various things and have fun. At the same time, was it expected otherwise from a people who have accommodated themselves for so long to not having a government? No. They are perfect.

10. Because the French are generally big idiots (and me first)

Finally, if we find the Belgians so cool, wouldn’t it be mainly because we French people are big idiots? I’ll let you ponder this question and potentially lie to yourself about the answer, but remember, accepting a truth that hurts is a worthy action.

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