Top 10 Popular Places for Weird Reasons

There are always plenty of secrets behind famous places in the world. These places have become famous for reasons that are sometimes legitimate, sometimes totally unexpected. Paris, for example, is famous for many reasons: the Eiffel Tower, history, the Louvre etc… same for New York and the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty… However, other places remain famous for odd reasons to say the least. Coins like these ten:

1. The City That Doesn’t Exist (England)

Argleton in England officially exists. It has a postal code, it is referenced as a city, the weather report announces the weather and you can even apply for jobs. However, in fact, Argleton does not exist. When you go there, all you can see is a deserted field… Why? Obviously, it would be a ruse of the cartographers to detect copyright violations…

2. Ski-free ski resort (Germany)

And no, it’s not a summer ski resort, where you put on your snowboard to slide on the grass. Here, at Monte Kaolino, the station is built at the foot of an artificial sand dune. Quartz sand once stored and then left there, abandoned. One day, a guy had the idea of ​​descending the gigantic mound on skis and since he particularly enjoyed the experience, others imitated him. Years later, a chairlift was installed, as well as a campsite and a water park. The sandboarding world championships are even held here every year.

3. The most dangerous golf course in the world (South Korea)

A golf course located 500 meters from the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea. Here, we hit the ball surrounded by mines, barbed wire and bases for submachine guns. It is not uncommon for golfers to explode mines by sending their ball beyond the limits of the course. Good atmosphere.

4. Cat Island (Japan)

Here, it’s one human for eight cats… A curiosity that originated in the 18th century when the inhabitants had the idea of ​​bringing in clerks to drive mice away from a textile factory, in order to prevent them from eating. the merchandise. Gradually, the cats multiplied, well helped by the sailors who, passing by, fed them, thinking that the furry ones would bring them luck at sea. Today, Cat Island has become a tourist destination popular. If you want to go there, don’t forget to bring back some cat gifts.

5. The Growing Mountain (Australia)

With 2745 meters on the clock, Mason Peak is the highest peak in Australia. It is found on Heard Island southwest of Perth. And since it is also an active volcano, the mountain continues to grow with the rhythm of eruptions. The fire and the ice located at the top being at the origin of the phenomenon.

6. The village where all the mayors are dogs (USA)

Welcome to Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. Here where we find the best preserved country store in the area. Here where since 1998, all candidates for mayor are dogs. Why ? And why not ?

7. The Buried City (Australia)

Around here, the temperature is often around 45 degrees. When a mining company began to exploit the opal (the largest deposit in the world is here), the miners settled underground, soon imitated by the inhabitants. As a result, on the surface, not much… Underground, on the other hand, you can find everything. Shops, a church, bars, restaurants. And it’s 23 degrees all the time. A curiosity that has made this city called Coober Pedy one of the most famous in this desert region of Australia. The cinema was also interested in it. Movies like Mad Mad: Beyond Thunderdome, Priscilla: Mad in the Desert, Pitch Black and Planet Red have been filmed there over the years.

8. The Island That Doesn’t Exist (Australia)

After the ghost town, the invisible island! An island discovered by the famous James Cook in 1774, named Sandy Island. An existence confirmed by a whaler 102 years later, which nevertheless remained invisible from then on. Always listed, it escapes those who try to see it, despite its length of 24 kilometers. One explanation is that early explorers may have actually stumbled upon floating clumps of volcanic rock from underground volcanoes.

9. The Burned City (Montserrat)

If everyone knows Pompeii and the sad fate of Vesuvius, Plymouth is much less popular. However, it too was completely devastated by the eruption of the Soufrière volcano in 1995. Former capital of Montserrat, an overseas territory attached to the United Kingdom, Plymouth had nearly 1,500 inhabitants and attracted tourists. The volcano which has since continued to cover it with ashes. It is to this day one of the only capitals in the world to be devoid of inhabitants.

10. A Hole Story (England)

When it was decided to call this small English town Butt Hole Road, in reference to the pond located not far from there, everything was fine. Today, and it’s been going on for a while now, Butt Hole Road, which therefore means “the asshole road” is much more difficult to bear. A bit like Montcuq in France by the way…

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