Top 10 players who have spent the most time on the bench

There are clubs that sometimes forget that football is a sport that is played with 11 players and recruit players who spend their lives on the sidelines. It’s nice to win millions, but it’s still better when you touch a ball, and the players themselves complain about it. Yes, it is sometimes wiser to turn to Guingamp rather than Real if you do not want to spend your life on the sidelines. You will see that sometimes even great players have gone a long time without playing…

1. Roli Pereira De Sa south of the banks of Nantes

In 2017, Roli Pereira De Sa had signed in Nantes in 2017 hoping to be able to play a little more in Ligue 1, it was a failed bet. Ignored by Christian Gourcuff who had offered him only 5 minutes of play, then even more ignored by Raymond Domenech afterwards, it was only with Antoine Kombouaré that Roli Pereira De Sa got up a little from the bench and stretched his legs.

2. Lars Lukas, at Bayern Munich, also experienced the bench…

Lars Lukas after being trained at Dynamo Dresden had the opportunity to join the prestigious Bayern Munich team in 2018. Unfortunately for him, it will not be very fruitful since he will spend his time watching the matches (that said, it’s a great place to watch high-level matches, you have to see the positive). He will therefore be loaned to SV Darmstadt, then in 2021 to Werder Bremen.

3. …like Mateu Morey in Dortmund

In Budesliga we also have our good old Mateu Morey who knows the bench more than the pitch. After being trained at FC Barcelona (not disgusting), he was transferred to Dortmund in the summer of 2019. And that’s it, it’s the end of the course, since we see him very little touch a ball since he doesn’t never holds.

4. Corentin Jean abandoned by Toulouse then loaned to Lens

Poor Corentin was not really lucky since he suffered a classic rupture of the cruciate ligaments in his right knee. We would like to tell him “to other Corentins, we know the myth of careers ruined by cruciate ligaments”, but for once it’s true. While playing in Toulouse, he had been unable to compete at the start of the season, and had only played ten minutes with his club in L1. Corentin Jean was then loaned to Lens in 2020, in league 2, where he certainly fell in level, but at least he was able to start playing.

5. Otherwise, we also have Amine Gouiri at OL

Back to Ligue 1 to tell you about another forgotten stadium: Amine Gouiri. Poor Gouiri was seriously injured (ruptured ligaments, so holds) in 2018, and had only played one minute of play against Metz. After this checkered course, he was finally transferred to Nice in 2020.

6. And Jesé with PSG (we don’t even know who he is so we haven’t seen him)

Who is Jesé? We wonder… Jesé came to us straight from Real, a rather big club after all (without any euphemism). In the league during the 2016 season, he only had one tenure and 8 appearances. Only 6 months after he joined PSG, Jesé was loaned to UD Las Palmas. After that he will be loaned again and again to PSG in 2020, where he will only play 22 minutes in all, that’s not much.

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Credits photo (CC BY 2.0) : Catherine Kõrtsmik from Tallinn, Estonia

7. In the Belgian first division, Ken Nkuba Tshiend has hardly ever set foot on the pitch

In 2018, Ken Nkuba Tshiend signed his first professional contract very early, at the age of 16 in Charleroi.

Since then he has spent all his time on the bench (literally), but we give him the benefit of the doubt since the young Belgian is only 20 years old. Hopefully he can play some more in his young career.

8. Carlos Bacca had a difficult start

The Colombian striker had been spotted by European clubs, including Club Brugge. He therefore arrived between 2012 and 2013 but unfortunately he quickly became the player who spent the most time on the bench, and sometimes went as far as joining the stands (hot for him).

It is the departure of Joseph Akpala which will free him from this sentence, he will then become a determining player in the workforce of Bruges. A little later he was spotted by Sevilla and continued his career there. Like what, everything comes at the right time to who knows how to wait.

9. Javier Ontiveros absent from Villarreal

In 2019, Ontiveros signed with Villarreal after being in Malaga and then Real Valladolid. But the player does not start at Villarreal and spends a lot of time on the bench. He is loaned to several clubs during his contract, such as SD Huesca and CA Osasuna. Eventually he joined CF Fuenlabrada, a Spanish club fighting to keep him in the second division.

10. Eden Hazard

We end with the classic: Eden Hazard. How not to talk about him in this top?

Eden Hazard, flagship of Belgian football, arrived at Real for no less than 115 million euros, failed to win with the Merengues. Hazard has only made 22 appearances in all competitions this season, and missed 74 in three seasons, yes that’s a lot. Yet the Belgian remains, and continues to wax the bench, we hope he will get out of it soon because he is starting to make us pity the little one.

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