Top 10 people who went to the vet for very dumb reasons

When you have a domestic animal that you consider to be the flesh of your flesh, you don’t take the risk of letting it suffer. That’s fine, but sometimes the reasons that push parents of cats and dogs to take them to the vet are simply stupid, as evidenced by these testimonials.

1. No personality the beast

My dog ​​has a bad cough. I take him to the vet, they do X-rays, blood tests, but nothing is found. And then out of nowhere, the vet asks me to cough. I cough… The dog coughs… I cough… The dog coughs again… it turns out that the whole family had caught a cold and the dog was imitating us…

2. Very irreverent behavior

My dog ​​threw up every time we went to my sister’s house. She was just there and she was throwing up. I got worried and took her to the vet. I spent $700 just to find out she hated my sister’s kids and vomited in disgust.

3. Hyper snob ce iench

My dog ​​was lethargic after our vacation in the mountains. She didn’t eat or drink. I took her to the vet where they did all the tests. In fact she was just depressed to come back from vacation.

4. This kind of moment when you feel stupid

I know a guy who recently got his very first cat and was constantly making weird sounds. He took him to the vet. He is given x-rays, scanners and in full examination, the cat began to reproduce the famous sound. The vet says “sir, she’s purring”.

5. We could have guessed it

I paid $1200 to have my old bulldog take lots of exams because it looked like he had gone deaf. In fact she heard very well, she just didn’t give a damn about what we were saying.

6. Passion gas

My aunt’s dog had just stopped moving and howled when picked up. We took him to the vet who found nothing. He just gave her a sedative. A little high, he dropped into the back seat and dropped a long crate for a minute. $400 a piece.

7. Love stronger than stars (and money)

One of us spent $600 just to find out the other had gas.

8. Hyper toxic this behavior

For a few days, my cat was showing signs of dying. He did not eat, drink, or hide to sleep. So I took him to the vet who told me straight away “I think he had a fight and is depressed because he lost the fight, otherwise he is fine”. I CAN’T HAVE MORE OF THIS CAT.

9. You guys really pissed off

The first time I brought my cat home, he was meowing loudly every time he went to the litter box. I thought he had an infection. Diagnosis: he is a young male, some of them like to announce that they are urinating.

10. You’ll never look at your Freedents the same way again.

$900 spent just to find out my dog ​​sat on chewing gum. Like, right at his asshole. I thought it was an infection but no. Just chewed gum.

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