Top 10 People Who Sue Their Family For Incredible Reasons

Even if, for many, a lawyer is considered a sexy profession, we rarely want to deal with them in court. And what we want even less is to find ourselves on trial against our own family, especially because it’s a bit of a stain after Christmas dinner. However, attacking your family in court happens every day in the world, often for not very nice reasons. And sometimes the reasons are just unbelievable and absurd, so it’s a little more fun. And we’re here to have fun. To split the pear, even.

1. They’re suing their son for not giving them grandkids

Indian parents simply demand compensation of 650,000 dollars from their son whose studies they paid for because they did not have a child. We are on the final boss of the relous parents who think that we owe them a descendant under the pretext that they want one. In the end, it really doesn’t make you want to have children if it’s for them to have grandparents who are so drunk.

2. His parents dumped his porn videos, he wins a lawsuit against them

This story obviously took place in the United States, the place where the most stupid trials on the planet take place. The divorced man in his forties had returned to live with his parents before moving again and realizing that he was missing a few things: 12 boxes of porn DVDs as well as a collection of magazines (porn them as well of course). His parents told him that they had thrown everything away for his own good, but he didn’t want to hear anything and preferred to file a complaint. As a result, the darons had to pay him $75,000 for the move. It must have been a nice collection

3. India: he is suing his parents for having given birth to him

So yes, it’s tempting to blame our parents for having brought us into the world when we don’t like our life too much and we find reality too difficult to live with. Only, we generally refrain from sending them before a judge for that and we prefer to discuss it quietly with a shrink. But, in 2019, a 27-year-old Indian opted for the hard way and squarely filed a complaint against his parents because they did not ask his opinion before giving birth to him. Despite this, he claims to have a very healthy relationship with them. It must still be weird the atmosphere at family meals.

4. London: he takes his parents to court to pay him child support for life

In quite a few countries, parents have to provide for the needs and education of their children until they reach majority, which is completely normal. But a 41-year-old Englishman has a slightly different view of the matter: according to him, his parents must continue to pay him child support for life. It should still be noted that the guy lives in London in an apartment paid for by his parents who also support his bills. Maybe at some point – without wanting to pass for lesson givers – the man should take himself in hand. We say it just like that.

5. Her parents post photos of her childhood on Facebook, she sues them

Many of us have embarrassing parents who post file photos of us on Facebook without consulting us beforehand. It’s very boring, but it usually doesn’t go beyond a small argument. But here we are dealing with a young Austrian whose parents have posted more than 500 photos – some of them very embarrassing – online. The girl found out about the carnage when she was 14, the day she created her Facebook account, and unsuccessfully tried to get them to take down all the footage. Believing that they had ruined part of her life by exposing her online, she ended up filing a complaint against them. Honestly, we can understand it.

6. Italy: Woman faces jail for not cleaning

Italy has some old things: the ones we like, like ancient statues, ruins and grandfathers who talk with their hands, and others that are a little less cool, like some of its laws. And there is one that exposes any housewife to 6 years in prison if she does not perform household chores. It is on this law that a husband relied to sue his wife because he felt that her management of the home left something to be desired. It’s stupid because there’s a practical thing called divorce when you’re not happy with your relationship.

7. He didn’t clean: a divorced man ordered to pay 6,400 euros to his ex-wife

Come on, let’s rebalance things a bit with this story that happened in China. For once, it is a man who has indeed been sentenced by his ex-wife to pay compensation for not having cleaned during their relationship. Knowing that she had to leave her job to take care of the household because he was not helping her, that can be understood, but we must admit that the approach remains original.

8. Chinese man takes his wife to court for hiding her ugliness

This story alone deserves a film because it is so eccentric (yes, the word is strong, but it’s the truth). It begins well, with a couple of Chinese who love each other and decide to have a child. Where it gets stuck is when their child is born and he’s ugly. The dad wonders: he’s handsome, his wife is beautiful, so he doesn’t see where the child’s ugliness comes from. But his wife ends up revealing the truth to him: she did a lot of cosmetic surgery because she had an unsightly physique. Upon learning this, the husband felt cheated and decided to sue his wife to seek a divorce and compensation. The worst thing is that he won his case and the woman had to pay him around 100,000 euros in compensation. Romanticism died that day.

9. A teenager sued his mother for confiscating his smartphone

When the mother of a 15-year-old Spanish teenager confiscated his cell phone because he wasn’t working in class, the guy had no better idea than to file a complaint against her. The complaint was accepted by the police (who had nevertheless tried to reason with him), and suddenly it was the judge himself who took charge of putting the kid back in his place in court before congratulating the mother. . The kind of story that is great to hear.

10. Her mother wins the Loto and refuses to share the jackpot, the daughter takes the FDJ to court

Come on, we end with a news item from home, because in France we also know how to do family lawsuits. Here, it is a woman who decided to take legal action because her mother, who had won 9.5 million euros, had shared the sum with her brother and sister, but not with her. So yeah, it doesn’t matter (lotto), but the mother finally won her case, and the daughter had to pay 3000 euros to pay the legal costs. She ended up even less rich than before. Or even poorer, depending.

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