Top 10 people who never give up, those who really go all the way

We all have times when we want to give up: when we’re facing our exams, facing a mountain of work, when bad news hits us or quite simply when we’ve had our arms up for a very long time and we starts having a cramp. But there are people sewn into the fabric of the brave, those who never give up, who continue to hit the wall to bring it down and who one day manage to obtain the result they were looking for. We are going to talk about these people right away.

1. Oldest woman in the world to earn a doctorate

Ingeborg Syllm-Rapoport was the oldest woman to earn a doctorate as she was 102 when she was finally a candidate. She was supposed to defend her thesis in 1938 but being of Jewish origin she was not able to do it because of the Nazis, if they needed something more to pass for infamous bastards. A jury went to her home to make her pass her oral defense and this brave lady obtained her precious diploma almost 70 years after her studies.

2. The oldest baccalaureate candidate in history

Marcel Masegosa appeared in 2015 for the baccalaureate exam for the second consecutive year at the age of 93. He passed the bac L and wanted to graduate for many years. What is ultimately even classier than having the baccalaureate is to be the oldest person to take this exam because that is not about to change. Well done Marcel.

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3. Michael Jordan

A young American high school student really wanted to become a professional basketball player, until he got kicked off his team. But he still persevered and managed to turn pro. During his career, he missed more than 9000 baskets, lost more than 300 games, missed nearly 26 decisive baskets in games when his team was betting everything on him. There I have just presented to you only his failures, but this student was still Michael Jordan, so in terms of success, he is not the last.

4. Walt Disney

After finding a job in a newspaper Walt Disney was fired because he obviously had no good ideas. Convinced that he was going to succeed, he created his first animation company which lasted some time before sinking. The young man literally had no more money and was forced to eat dog food for a time, since it was cheaper. In those cases a lot of people would give up, but Walt was not one to let go, he created his second animation company and there it was the jackpot.

5. Stephen King

While living in a caravan with his wife and they both chained small jobs to make some money Stephen King tried to write and especially to publish his works. He himself admitted that he had received so many rejection letters that he could not store them, as for the money they were so screwed up that they had rented clothes for their wedding. Then one day he sold his first short story for a tiny sum, then his first novel, then a second… And over time he started to gain notoriety and money.

6. Charlie Chaplin

In the shitty life category Chaplin is not too badly placed: abandoned by his father at 2 years old, his mother was forced to live in a warehouse before being interned in a psychiatric hospital when little Charlie was 9 years old. Then he was forced to work with his small hands and began to practice playing and dancing as he survived with his brother, sometimes without food for several days. He arrived in Hollywood, struggled for a while and then finally managed to find a place for himself in the cinema by becoming one of the biggest stars of silent cinema.

7. Albert Einstein

You would be tempted to think that Albert Einstein was such a head that he had it easy, but no. He failed his entrance exam to the Polytechnic of Zurich, so his father always considered him a failure. His subsequent studies were not brilliant and he thought about quitting, but he continued until he graduated. He then worked in different things without finding his way, for example being an insurance salesman. But he never let go of his desire to pursue research and he moved his ass a little, which means that you know him today and that you can read the best quotes from Albert Einstein.

8. J.K. Rowling

Before being an author with immeasurable success and swinging problematic statements, JK was a young woman who dreamed of being published. Except that no one wanted her works at the start and that she shit for a long time before being published. After moving several times, being married and divorced she went to live with her sister where she continued to write her Harry Potter novel. It was rejected by 12 major publishers until a very small one agreed to publish it. The rest, you know it: book – money – Daniel Radcliffe – death of Dobby.

9. Jim Carrey

Before being one of the most famous comic actors in the world, Jim Carrey was a little kid who had started working before he was 15 to help his very poor parents. He then moved to Los Angeles to become an actor after suffering a lot of failures and almost living on the streets. One day he wrote himself his own check for several thousand dollars to cash before 1995, thinking he would have made it by then, which he did because his first big hit Dumb and Dumber came out that year. Holy Jim, he really believed in himself.

10. Elden Ring Players

If there’s one thing to know about Elden Ring, it’s that it’s tough. The game makes you cry your daronne so much you are bullied by everything you meet. But those who go to the end are undoubtedly the most valiant and courageous humans in the world.

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