Top 10 people who have a lot more composure than you

When something bad happens, when nothing goes as planned and lives are at stake, everyone’s normal reaction is to get super stressed and do whatever it takes. Yes, but here you go, there are people for whom panic does not exist, people who know how to keep their cool and who do not lose all their cognitive faculties as soon as the situation becomes a little dangerous. Will have to be at their side in the event of an apocalypse.

1. This passenger who managed to land a plane after the pilot became unwell

Well, it was a small private plane and not a huge airliner, but the feat is still crazy. After the discomfort of his pilot, the guy contacted an air traffic controller who managed to locate his position in the sky before giving him instructions for him to land. And it worked. If not, what did you do today?

The mere passenger was guided by air traffic controllers at Palm Beach Airport to land the small private plane.

Posted by Capital on Thursday, May 12, 2022

2. Thomas VDB who gave birth to his wife at home

The comedian (who is one of the funniest guys in France, by the way), told the story in A good moment, Kyan Khojandi’s podcast. His wife started having big contractions while they were home, and when she called him into the bathroom, she was standing with the baby already starting to come out. VDB had to urgently hold his daughter’s head before she fell before reaching the room as best he could with his wife and finishing the delivery. So yeah, okay, at one time we gave birth on all fours anywhere, but still the two handled the situation perfectly.

3. The salesman who told the robbers to come back later

It happened in 2018 in Belgium: a seller of electronic cigarettes had the unpleasant surprise of seeing armed robbers arrive in his store. The guys obviously wanted the contents of the box, but he told them that they had to come back at the end of the day because, for the moment, there was hardly any money in it. The guys obeyed and came back later. Really. Of course, in the meantime, the seller had warned the cops who managed to nab five of the robbers. Not sure that this composure would have worked with real pros, but on dicks it works very well.

4. The weightlifting granny who neutralized a thief

One evening, a man knocked on the 82-year-old lady’s door asking for help. She agreed to call an ambulance for him but wouldn’t let him in. The guy forced the door open, and that’s when she realized he was there to rob her. But, instead of freaking out like most grannies would have, the old lady practiced her weightlifting skills: she lifted her table and swung it at the collapsing thief before getting busted by the cops. Good job.

5. This woman who gave her husband CPR thanks to the Bee Gees

It’s a fairly well-known piece of advice in the world of first aid: to perform cardiac massage at the right speed, you have to press on the tempo of Staying Alive of the Bee Gees (you have it in mind, the « AH, AH, AH, AH, STAYING ALIVE, STAYING ALIVE » ?) FYI, it’s because the tempo is close to 100 beats per minute and 100 compressions per minute would be the best number to resuscitate a person. But the day you face a real heart attack, panic can set in and make you forget about it all. This was not the case for Ganesa Collins, a Texas woman who saw her husband collapse after jogging. She started massaging him while singing Staying Alive until help arrives, takes over and saves her husband. He can say thank you to the coolness of his wife. And to the Bee Gees, of course.

6. This guy who continued to drink his beer in the middle of the robbery

Look at him, serene, refusing to let go of his beer and his phone while an armed guy is robbing everyone. The others are on the ground and are legitimately scared, but not him: he prefers to light up a cigarette and enjoy the show. It’s strong. It’s completely unconscious and stupid, but very strong.

7. This guy who continues to eat his kebab during a big fight

We continue with this video so legendary that it has become a meme (well, at the same time, today everything is becoming a meme, so we’re not going to get carried away either). It takes place in a Portsmouth kebab where a big fight broke out. Everyone gets involved, even the servers. Everybody ? No, a customer decides instead to continue eating his fries quietly while the others are exchanging wads less than two meters away. Finally a person who understood that nothing should interrupt a good meal.

8. The old lady who scared away jewelry robbers

In Northampton, in 2011, a group of robbers attacked the window of a jewelry store with sledgehammers to take away everything it contained. It was without counting on a super courageous granny who, armed with her handbag, began to attack the robbers. She succeeded in scaring them away, and, even better, knocking two of them off their scooters, allowing other passers-by to come and immobilize them. In the end, thanks to her, four robbers were arrested and a good part of the loot was returned to the jewelry store. There should be a granny like that on every street corner.

9. The pilot who landed in the Hudson

You may remember this one since it had caused a lot of talk about it: in 2009 in New York, a plane had just taken off for barely a minute when its engines suddenly cut out. The plane was still over New York, with no place to land, with more than 150 people on board. It did not panic the pilot who made the decision to land in the Hudson River. The guy just warned the controllers before performing the maneuver perfectly and saving everyone on board. In the story, only the plane died.

10. This 7-year-old who saved his grandmother from a heart attack

In 2020, in Yvelines, a 7-year-old boy was sleeping at his grandmother’s house when he heard her complaining of being sick to the stomach before falling on her bed. The little one then took the phone to call the fire brigade and gave them the address of his grandmother’s house, then he stayed close to her, still on the phone with the emergency services. When they arrived, the door was locked, and the kid didn’t have the keys, so he opened a window for them, which they went through to save his grandmother. All the while, he remained super calm and rational. We’re still talking about a 7-year-old child.

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