Top 10 opposites of words that no one knows, antonyms of shadow

Goodbye animals! Yesterday we told you nothing about the German language and how certain words are dispossessed of synonyms pricked with cockchafers *.

* In fact, I tried to write you a sentence with only opposites for each word, but I realized along the way that it was incomprehensible. I’m stopping this crappy project there.

We take back. We discovered in the course of comical and unusual conversations that there were a host of antonyms (= the opposite of a word, not the son of Alain Delon, calm down) unknown. But unknown kind of phew. You will see it is as incredible as it is fascinating.

1. Nekton: the opposite of plankton

We know plankton well. It designates all the living organisms in the fleet (but like the oceans, not the swimming pools) which do not move actively and let themselves be carried by the current. Basically plankton is passive. And by contrast, “nekton” designates all living organisms that move actively.

And bonus information for you to show off in the evening (or in the morning, I’m not judging your lifestyles): nekton + plankton = pelagos.

And mega bonus information because I’m in a good mood: the marine necromass, that is to say the dead elements (like dead fish and drowned people) it’s called the tripton.

2. Exclave: the opposite of enclave

Good OK on this one we are not on a totally antonym antonym but still an antonym with gender 20%. First we remind you what an enclave is: a territory surrounded by another territory. For example, the Vatican is an enclave in Italy. In short tchu conné cousin.

But did you know that there are also exclaves? Not people who do zero free jobs eh, we are talking about slaves with an X, but nothing to do with porn. In short: an exclave is therefore a territory which belongs to another territory but from which it is physically separated.

Check out this diagram which explains everything:

3. Anthume: the opposite the posthumous


Yeah sorry I needed to share with you my emotions live. SO, if we are familiar with the expression “posthumously” for people who know the fame after their death, know that we will rather speak of an “anthume” work to designate something produced during our lifetime. Afterwards, it’s really less useful as a term because overall we produce more stuff alive than dead.

4. Tasty: the opposite of tasteless

Listen, it’s very simple, tofu is as tasteless as kiwi is tasty. I stop here.

5. Allogenic: the opposite of native

Several reactions are possible when reading this news, please tick the one that best represents your personality:

[ ] “No, but then that’s the best. I thought that the allogen was the lamp to make light. ASKONSREPA MAKE ME MUCH AT ME EVEN TAKE ME FOR A RINDLESS WHITE HAM? »
[ ] “Hello Jen? it’s ok my darling, we’re having a french saturday afternoon OR KOUA? »
[ ] “Me in any way, I never eat native products otherwise I can’t actually digest it”

Answer: The word “indigenous” refers to people born in the country in question. In contrast, non-natives are people of a different origin from the country in question.

6. Contadin: the opposite of city dweller

The next time you are called a city dweller, do not hesitate to respond tit for tat to these contadine people. Yes, because the contadins are all people who live in the countryside. These big dummies there with their camels (I don’t know anything about the countryside but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had camels to cross lava rivers there tss).

Parents top 8 campagne

7. Noble: the opposite of ignoble

What’s funny is that we know the two words well, but we know less how close they are. Anything that is not noble is despicable. So.

8. Nychthemeron: the opposite of ephemeral

Just like exclave, it’s not totally an antonym, but I really wanted to wedge this word which looks like an insult.

Well “ephemeral” you know what it’s all about, it’s a short-lived thing. More specifically, it’s a thing that lasts just one day. “Nyctémère” (the big female dogs) also designates a time space that extends to a day AND a night.

9. Sisterhood: the opposite of brotherhood

A word that few people knew a few years ago and which, thanks to post #metoo feminism, restores its letters of nobility to solidarity between women. YAY.

10. Ductile: the opposite of breakable

It’s a pity that we don’t use this rare yet very practical word more often, which designates all the materials that can be deformed, elongated without being broken. For example, chewing gum is ductile and you would never have thought to say that before reading this top.

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