Top 10 of the strangest things found in the Seine

One of the biggest environmental projects in Paris: make the Seine open for swimming by the 2024 Olympic Games. If the idea of ​​slaloming between hundreds of bikes, scooters, shopping carts or even cars didn’t make us dream much: there will definitely be no way for you to dip a toe in it after reading this top. Or else you’re big slobs. Sorry for this value judgment, it’s hard, but it’s fair.

1. The Six Nations Tournament trophy

Saturday March 19, 2022, a historic moment for French rugby: the blues of the XV of France make the grand slam and win the Six Nations Tournament, 12 years after their last victory. It goes without saying that our players celebrated it well, on a pretty Parisian barge. Problem, who says Barge, says Seine, and guess who ended his evening in these filthy waters? The trophy (yes, no suspense, the info is in the title of the point)… In any case, this is what the player Damian Penaud declared at the microphone of “Canal +” the next day: “ The trophy had a great night. I didn’t have him all evening, but I know he ended up in the Seine at 6 a.m. “. More fear than harm, Romain Ntamack finally claimed that the grail was immediately saved by Baptiste Couilloud! You can put away your masks and snorkels, guys.

2. Several shells

In the Seine, several shells have already been found. For example, in June 2018, a 1917 model, used only during the Second World War, was identified in the river, at the level of the Côte-d’Or department, after a major flood. According to the deminers who operated on this site, the discovery of shells is recurrent in France: between 480 and 550 tons per year.

Even older: an 1870 shell recovered from the river in 2012. It was found in the heart of Paris, 6 m deep, at the level of the Pont au Change, just a few steps from the Samaritaine and Notre-Dame. . (Source.)

3. A 40kg python

Finally… His corpse! I am not without teaching you (at least i hope so) that a snake does not survive underwater. In a state of decomposition, the 3-meter-long animal was brought to the surface by the police officers of the river brigade in July 2012. To explain the phenomenon: there is a greater chance that it is a “pet” animal abandoned by its owner, than a reptile that has traveled a good part of the globe to bathe in the Seine.

4. A statuette of Camille Claudel and Rodin

One of the only works attributed to the two artists was recovered by the river brigade in 2004, in the Port de l’Arsenal in Paris. The work would have first been stolen by thieves, who, once arrested, confessed to having thrown it into the Seine. Several dives were organized before being able to bring the famous statuette to the surface, estimated at the cursed sum of… 800,000 euros. (Source.)

5. A Pont Neuf mascaron

While they were training at night, near the Pont Neuf, the divers of the river brigade of the Paris police headquarters (who are in apnea every time they pronounce the name of their job) made a funny discovery. In the depths: a large stone, carved, representing a face. It was in fact a Pont Neuf mascaron, that is to say, a sculpted face of a forest or rural deity from ancient mythology. Not common, and quite creepy!

Small point culture gé: originally, there were 381 mascarons on the Pont Neuf. All different, they represented the heads of divinities from ancient mythology. In ancient times, their mission was to protect the inhabitants from evil spirits.

6. A medieval sword

On January 14, 2022, a fisherman brought up this vestige from the bottom of the river, in Seine-et-Marne. According to the Rossini auction house, it dates back to the Middle Ages and is therefore more than 500 years old. According to experts, it would be a combat weapon and not a ceremonial one. Given its shape and its handle, it could date back to the 14th or 15th century: it is made of hammered iron, a technique used at the end of the Hundred Years War. What is certain is that it dates from before the Renaissance: after that time, these weapons had much finer blades. For the moment, research is continuing to try to understand the history of this unusual object.

7. Multiple safes

Among them: the one fished out in Carrières-Sur-Seine, in the Yvelines, in 2019. Found, this time too, by a fisherman, the police discovered around fifteen identity documents, 3 passports, checkbooks and two bank cards on the inside. SCARY. (Source.)

8. Weapons of all kinds

You may have already heard of Raphaël: an 11-year-old young man who roams the waters of Paris fishing with a magnet. He brought up so many unusual and disturbing objects (for the planet, but not only…) that he even made a rather comprehensive exhibition of them. Among the curiosities brought up by the teenager: a bayonet, a grenade and two revolvers. Unfortunately, these discoveries are common: many videos of amateur fishermen bringing up weapons from the Seine, as well as many news items to this effect, circulate on the internet.

9. Very (very) old coins

And the discovery is not very young either: it dates from 1957. More than sixty years ago, five coins from the Constantinian period (4th century) and one from the Antonine period (1st-2nd century ) were found in the river during dredging. (Source.)

10. Medieval pilgrim signs

I know what you say to yourself “uuuuh, ok, but what is it in fact?? and I understand you. Fortunately, we are going to enlighten you: these small sconces, dating back to the Middle Ages, were attached to the clothes of Christians on pilgrimage. Made of lead alloy, they were numerous in the 14th and 15th centuries, then their production declined in the 16th century. So many have been found in the waters of the river that they are also nicknamed the “leads of the Seine”. (Source.)

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