Top 10 of the most unusual jackpots in history, give do-do-doooonez

One day, I wanted to launch a birthday kitty to offer a crown to my cat for his 5th birthday (dental obviously, what the hell would he do with a tiara on his head, no but pff, n anything). But I only got 5€ because people didn’t care about my life. I should have taken inspiration from the pools below, which were able to arouse a lot more emotions in people (but not a lot more income). I’m a little jealous of them, I must admit. Maybe I’ll start a petition to shut them all down.

1. The jackpot to send Putin to Jupiter

The latest somewhat wacky kitty that has been talked about is the one launched by a branch of the Ukrainian government to build a rocket that will send the Russian “president” to Jupiter.

But why this planet will you tell me? And you’re right to tell me, it’s an excellent question that allows me to continue with a nice explanation: quite simply because this gaseous planet is the largest in the solar system and that way, “to find the Russian leader will not be easy”. Crazy phew!

So far, more than two million dollars have been collected. This money will be used to help the Ukrainian army and rebuild the country.

2. The kitty to offer teeth to Didier Deschamps

So that’s really not chentile!! In 2016, before the final fire of the Euro, when Deschamps had more rotten teeth than rot (but that’s what made his charm), people with zero ounces of benevolence created a kitty to offer a new teeth to Didier Desdents (sorry…).

A certain Paul Pogba even donated €2 for this cause. No wonder Didier has a grudge against him, mdrrrrrr, oh excellent. But the kitty only raised €24 out of the €50,000 planned. It makes you cringe… Come on, I’ll stop there.

3. The Gorafi pot for nothing

If I were to marry someone, it would surely be one of the creators of Gorafi (Pablo Mira for example, I’m talking to you). In 2019, when hundreds of pots were created in support of the yellow vests, the Gorafi decided to set up a “pot for nothing” in order not to “stay on the sidelines of this movement”. The description was also very clear on this subject: “By giving nothing, you contribute to the success of nothing”.

But people still made donations of nothing (160€, it’s not nothing, lol). As a result, the founders of the kitty decided to donate this money to the Cénomane association for voluntary blood donation in Mayenne. People like that.

4. The kitty in solidarity with the children of Johnny Hallyday

Many people on this Earth have a sense of humor and in particular those who created this “cagnotte” for the children of Johnny Hallyday who will not receive an inheritance because of Laetitia (but yes, the old family leases, remember -you).

In case you were wondering, this kitty is purely humorous as the description clearly states, which aims to put David and Laura “free from want”. But what’s even funnier than the prize pool are the comments. I let you judge for yourselves.


5. The kitty to recruit Messi to Le Havre

“There are no dreams that are too big,” my mother told me when I was eight years old and when I explained to her that I wanted to bring a logistics company specializing in river transport into the CAC 40 by reducing fixed costs and variable costs combined to achieve optimum productivity.

Le Havre Athletic Club supporters must have heard the same expression all their childhood since in 2020, one of them launched an online kitty to bring Messi to Normandy. Unfortunately for him, only €9 was raised. But it’s the gesture that counts! Frankly, if Messi doesn’t leave Argentina for Mont Saint-Mich, we don’t understand.

6. The kitty to create a device that detects if someone has spat in your dish

If you have a lot of enemies in the restaurant business, this kitty is (was) made for you. In 2015, an American created a kitty to raise enough money to build a prototype saliva detector that would let you know if someone has spat a large molard in your dish.

Unfortunately for your immune system, it only raised €275 of the €77,000 needed. That’s good, I dropped a few drops of drool in your last bowl of cereal… Oops!

7. The Gorafi kitty to ensure a decent future for François Fillon

In 2017, Fillon le filou (we called him that in kindergarten) complained on the set of BFMTV and RMC of not being able to put aside despite his 20,000 € per month. Shocked by these saddest remarks, the editorial staff of Gorafi neither took the bull by the horns and set up a kitty in solidarity with the presidential candidate to allow François Fillon and his family “to live in dignity and hope for a bright future”. The heart on the hand these people.

In total, Le Gorafi raised €3,700 and passed on all this money to Sarthe associations such as blood donation, family planning or popular relief. I put the ring on their finger.

8. The kitty for Gym de Nice supporters to buy a striker

The jackpots of the yellow vests strongly inspired the French. In 2019, OGC Nice supporters therefore launched a kitty to find a scorer for their club. Because it must be said that at the time, Nice had the worst attack in L1 with 13 goals for 18 league days.

Of the 10 million euros needed “to nab an authentic crackito in Argentina or Serbia”, 2,000€ were raised. With that, they can perhaps have the Briochin Stadium referee.

9. The pot to help Benjamin Griveaux find a roof

In January 2019, the former government spokesman and candidate for mayor of Paris went whining to Brut to say that yes yes, he was having trouble finding accommodation in Paris with his meager salary as a politician (at 7900 € net per month). To help him “get out of misery”, Internet users have therefore set up a kitty which has made it possible to collect 25€. Everything stack enough to pay a first month’s rent in Paname (c fo).

10. Potato salad pot

We end with the pot that raised a lot of money, but especially my heart: that of Zack Danger Brown who just wanted to make a potato salad. In the end, he ended up with over $55,400 (hunk). Which is a lot of potatoes.

Luckily, he didn’t buy hundreds of freezer bins to eat potato salad for life, but donated some of that money to a fund that fights hunger and helps the homeless. He also used the rest of his money to set up a festival, the 2014 PotatoStock in Columbus, Ohio. Frankly, I take my places right away.

$55,500 raised for a potato salad: drift or power of #crowdfunding? The opinion of our co-founder, Ismaël Le Mouël in

Posted by HelloAsso on Monday, August 4, 2014

11. Bonus: Clément’s kitty to buy lychees

One day, Clément de Topito launched a kitty. He testifies today of his experience with his words: “When leetchi was launched, I made a kitty to buy lychees and three people had given money. We applaud him.

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