Top 10 of the most successful rednecks, examples to follow

At Topito, we have worked a lot on the question of rednecks through multiple high-quality articles, whether it’s the expressions of rednecks, or the ways of saying that you’re redneck without saying that you’re redneck or simply our quiz lighthouse “are you a redneck? “. Well we are now going to explore this mysterious aspect of humanity through the most successful stars. Yes, I am talking about amassing big money while having a lot of followers on the networks, two classic characteristics of success, much more than these suckers who are not even known and who do jobs that do not even bring in tunes , boo big suckers.

1. Elon Musk

The richest man on the planet is also the biggest redneck, as these two elements really have NO correlation. The guy pisses us off with his trips to Mars, he pisses us off with his takeover of Twitter, he pisses us off with his stupid electric cars and recently he pisses us off with his shitty “burnt hair” scent that he managed yet for sale to a bunch of morons who piss us off even more than him.

2. Jean-Marie Bigard

A reference star in the humor of beauf, Jean-Marie Bigard however knows no limit in his art of beaufitude especially since he positioned himself against the health pass and the vaccine and Anne Hidalgo and just about everything and anything. A beautiful person.

3. Patrick Sebastian

Who else than good old Patoche to embody the paragon of French beaufitude? Monsieur Loyal of the biggest cabaret in the world, author of essential masterpieces such as “Les Sardines”, “Ah if you could shut your mouth”, his success is naturally indisputable.

5. Donald Trump

Fire hair, sexist reflections, incomparable vulgarity. If rednecks had a country, he would be its king. And yet, after having been at the head of a huge financial empire, he set himself up as President of the United States (certainly because he was at the head of a huge financial empire) which allows us to say that he did pretty well.

Rp monde trump 3

6. Le couple Beckham

They are so beautiful with their muscles and their sleek, lacquered hair. But between us, can’t we say that they are completely the incarnation of the couple of rednecks who smell too strongly of perfume and wear gold things?

7. Cristina Cordula

OK, we’re a bit on a Wish version of a star, but no offense to people who don’t watch TV, the Queens of Shopping star has her place in this top thanks to her indisputable success but also to her super handsome profile. with the worst taste in clothing in the history of taste. However, this does not prevent her from being quite a bit of a woman.

Shopping mosaiques jeans cordula

8. Gerald Darmanin

Beauf in chief of the policies, he combines accusation of rape, inappropriate remarks (we will not forget the “it will be fine” addressed to Apolline de Malherbe) and frightening declarations of the genre “We are witnessing a crisis of authority. We must stop the enslavement of a certain part of society and reaffirm the authority of the State. Don’t miss anything. » He is given the palm of the big redoubt of politics (ex-aequo with Sarkozy and his big watches go).

9. Kim Kardashian

Frankly, I have nothing against the Kardashian family but I have the impression that the richer the people are the worse they have bad taste, the more people they have following them, the more redneck things they do. That’s why I’m wasting no time listing the countless beauties among influencers and other reality TV stars who have made beaufitude part of their DNA.

10. Chris Pratt

With his anti-LGBT church and his rotten films he gets drunk after a while. In addition he made everyone uncomfortable with this photo posted on insta in which he writes “Look how she looks at me! (…) She gave me an incredible life (…) She helps me with everything. In return, periodically, I open a jar of pickles. That’s the exchange. His heart is pure and he belongs to me”. Masterpiece of beauf if you want my opinion. If you don’t want my opinion, go immediately to the conclusion of this top.

Conclusion of this top: we are all the beauf of another but there are some who are still really more beaufs than the others.

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