Top 10 of the most incredible records around bricks

1. Longest build (in length)

It was in 2005 in Italy that the record for the longest construction in the world was set, this one represents a giant centipede 1578.81 meters long and required almost three million bricks. Holy beast.

2. The biggest caravan

It is inevitably in Australia, country of the road trip that people had the idea to attack this record by manufacturing the largest brick caravan in the world. More than 288,000 briquettes to obtain the object with fitted interior, it almost makes you want to settle in for a trip.

3. The biggest diorama

The record fell in November 2021 when Frenchman Stéphane Grosmangin presented his 30.66 square meter diorama. Eight years of work and a lot of passion to enter the Guinness Book by making the biggest fairground in the world with millions of briquettes.

4. Biggest boat

When you want your own yacht but you don’t have the finances to have it, you can very well build it directly. This is what a couple in China did by manufacturing an 8.44 meter boat with more than 2.5 million parts, which can quickly become a bit expensive too.

5. Biggest Flag

It’s the theme park Legoland of Toronto who had the largest brick flag in the world made, unsurprisingly, it is a flag of Canada which measures 3.47 meters high by 6.46 meters wide. Almost 250,000 bricks for this pretty giant red maple leaf.

6. Biggest Skeleton

In order to build a skeleton that has a mouthful, its creator Nathan Sawaya chose the tyrannosaurus, and must admit that it is quite imposing a T-Rex six meters long. If you have 80,000 bricks at home (and lots of time) you can try to replicate it.

7. The most expensive brick in the world

Have you ever wondered how much the most expensive brick in the world was bought? No, but we’re going to answer it anyway: $12,500. It’s a 14 karat gold brick and it was purchased by an anonymous collector who probably didn’t want anyone to know he had slapped that much money for a brick.

8. Longest distance traveled by a figure

You’d be hard pressed to figure out the answer to this one, but the longest distance a Brick Firm figure has traveled is 2,800,000,000 kilometers. How it is possible ? Because she was in the Juno space probe sent by NASA to the planet Jupiter. Sacred trip.

9. Building with the most bricks

It is a famous car brand that has had a fake bridge made that can really stand up to promote some of their vehicles. And in this operation, she used 5,805,846 bricks, the largest number ever used for a single structure.

10. Tallest building

We saw the longest, but not the tallest, and it was in Italy that a brick tower exceeded 35 meters in height, which is starting to be quite imposing, and at the same time with 550,000 bricks, we can do a big thing. You just have to pray that it’s not too windy.

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