Top 10 of the most beautiful ski resorts in Europe

Europe is full of great ski resorts. There are some in Italy, in Germany, in Spain and in Austria, in France or even in Norway. Some are more beautiful than others and when you want to spin on the slopes while enjoying a spectacular panorama, these are of course the ones to choose. The following selection also takes into account the station itself, which can sometimes make the difference.

1. Saalbach Hinterglemm (Austria)

It’s hard not to rank this idyllic ski resort in first place as it is so breathtakingly beautiful. Day and night, when the snow covers the houses and the lights stand out against an almost surreal white background, the spectacle is magical. Saalbach Hinterglemm also has the advantage of having 200 km of slopes for all levels. A daydream.

2. Murren (Switzerland)

Inevitably, Switzerland also takes the lion’s share thanks to its incredible resorts on all fronts. In Mürren, a small town of 450 inhabitants, skiing is a way of life. Offering a view of the three most famous peaks of the region, namely Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, this village does not have against that 2000 beds. And as much to say that given the place, they are very quickly filled in high season. That said, it’s just as nice in the summer.

3. Zermatt (Switzerland)

We continue with Switzerland and this world famous resort. Not only is skiing practiced in the heart of fabulous landscapes, but in addition, the village itself offers the possibility of discovering the historical and cultural heritage of the region. A double blow for Zermatt which therefore did not usurp its reputation.

4. Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser (Austria)

And hop, a little detour to Austria, again, to discover this formidable ski resort at the foot of which it is possible to explore the village of Allmau. A national treasure, particularly spectacular in winter, which also seems to come out of a fairy tale. One of the pearls of Tyrol which reveals itself after a good series of descents, feet in the powder and head in the stars.

5. Saint-Jean-d’Arves (France)

Inevitably, France offers many possibilities to ski enthusiasts. You can ski in the Pyrenees, in the Massif Central or of course in the Alps, where there are many dream resorts. At the heart of the Sybelles area, Saint-Jean-d’Arves serves as the perfect stopover for all lovers of skiing, nature and authenticity.

6. Megeve (France)

So much for talking about Megève, perhaps the most select of French ski resorts, right away. Developed at the instigation of the Rothschild family, Megève has long been favored by crowned heads and music and film stars. Inevitably it is super expensive but how beautiful!

7. Tarvisio (Italy)

In terms of ski resorts, Italy has nothing to envy us. The choice is wide but if you look closely, when you want to focus on pure beauty, Tarvisio wins the prize and is undoubtedly one of the most incredible Italian ski resorts. Near the border with Austria, it offers breathtaking panoramas and as many perspectives for vertiginous descents.

8. Andorra (Principality of Andorra)

More accessible, economically speaking, Andorra also imposes a breathtaking beauty. More select than the Pas-de-la-Case ski area, Andorra opens its arms wide to snow sports enthusiasts on tracks that are not only diversified but also very spectacular.

9. Hemsedal (Norway)

Head north with this ski resort in the Scandinavian Alps. Here where you can access the slopes thanks to the highest mountain lift in all of Scandinavia. There is also Norway’s largest children’s ski area. And then it’s beautiful. Beautiful. That’s important because after all, that’s what this top is about.

10. Zugspitze (Germany)

We end with a great site! The highest mountain in Germany! The possibilities are almost endless when looking to ski on fabulous slopes before reaching the Bavarian city of Garmish-Partenkirchen, below. It is even possible to take advantage of the ice stadium created for the 1936 Winter Olympics to go skating.

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