Top 10 of the most absurd convictions, when the judges are funny

Who said justice couldn’t be funny at times? Me. I said it just yesterday thinking it was the most boring thing in the world and it seems like I was wrong since there are some subtleties I hadn’t thought of: punishments. Yes, because sometimes the law decides to punish criminals in a particularly inventive and original way rather than giving them a prison sentence or a fine, we will see some examples together and your life will be forever changed.

1. The door-to-door salesman who was fined 39,000 euros for knocking on a door

It’s expensive to pay, but basically there was a door marked on it “no knocking” and he decided to knock to sell his product. Good bah at the same time here, it was well stipulated that it was not necessary to do it must not play dumb, even on nearly 40,000 euros of fine that is expensive paid.

2. Student banned from carrying eggs in public after throwing eggs at King Charles

He had been talked about after the coronation of King Charles for having tried to throw eggs at him, finally this student was forbidden to walk around with eggs in the future, which is super boring if he has want to go buy some to make an omelet for example.

[VIDÉO] – The student who threw eggs at King Charles III in the UK on Wednesday is now banned from…

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3. The woman who was made to wear a sign that said she was dumb

After driving haphazardly, an American woman was court-ordered to wear a wooden sign that read “Only a fool would drive on a sidewalk to avoid a bus” for two days. The sentence was therefore well adapted to the offense and finally it is perhaps a good idea to operate like that.

4. 30 years in prison for smoking a joint in Tunisia

Here the sentence is heavy, really very very heavy to such an extent that it scandalized the whole country. Thirty years in prison were required by a judge in the country against three people who had smoked a joint and had a little hashish, it’s hard.

5. Landlord who rented slums forced to live six months in one of his apartments

This is a sanction that we would like to see more often when we look at the crap that people dare to rent to their tenants. In the United States a landlord who rented unsanitary apartments was forced to live six months in one of his rotten apartments and that probably taught him a good lesson.

6. The girl whose hair was cut to avoid community service

This infamous crime took place in a McDonald’s in the United States when two thirteen-year-old girls cut the hair of a three-year-old girl for fun. However, the parents did not find it funny at all and decided to file a complaint, and the judge offered the mother of the kid who had cut the little girl’s hair to cut her ponytail directly in court. to spare him several hours of community service. A violent sentence but ultimately quite fair.

Sp top1 coiffeur

7. 6000 euros in damages and reparations for letting his cows shit too close to his neighbor’s house

In the Lot-et-Garonne we don’t mess around with bad smells and a farmer found himself giving 6000 euros to his neighbor because he let his cows go to relieve themselves a little too close to his house without going to clean up behind . The rather strong smell that emanated from the dung pushed the said neighbor to file a complaint and presto, how to make 6000 balls easy.

8. Forced to spend the day with a pig and a sign

After insulting a police officer with a pig (“pig” is a common insult to define police officers in the USA) a man was forced to spend an entire day on the street with a pig while holding a sign with the phrase “this does not is not a policeman. Probably that day brought this man and the animal closer and gave him the unconditional love of law enforcement. Another beautiful absurd condemnation in the United States.

Topito bulle comic sans ms police 1

9. The couple who were fined 3780 euros for making too much noise during their antics

Sometimes when we make love we let ourselves go a little and everything that is outside seems to disappear to leave room only for what is taking place between the lovers, in any case that is what we said. But for this couple, the parenthesis was obviously too often noisy and the neighbors won their case when they were forced to pay a fine.

10. Participate in a charity bike race for stealing a bike

A young man had stolen a bicycle in the United States, which the states said could be worth a fine or community service. But the judge was smarter than that and offered as a second option to participate in a whole day of bike racing organized by a charity, which probably changed the fate of this young repentant thief forever.

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