Top 10 of the galleys that all cyclists know

1. When your chain goes off the rails and you have to put your hands in it

After 5 minutes it feels like you have immersed your entire body in the oil. Looks like you’ve been dragged into a mud fight when you need to get to work with dignity.

2. Struggling to store your bike because it takes up too much space

And that you can’t carry it without taking a pedal blow to your shin… Overall this area of ​​your body has become nothing but a bruise renewed daily by the weight of life.

3. Thinking it’s going to be sunny and halfway discovering that it’s raining when you hadn’t planned that at all from a clothing and mental point of view

Here you are soaked, your body moist, your jeans wet for 72 hours, your sneakers splattering splattering. Life no longer gives you any form of respect.

4. When you’re wearing a backpack and it really makes your back sweat

It’s amazing how you can wear a backpack while walking, on the subway, on the bus without any problem and as soon as you wear it on your bike, 18 liters of perspiration start to flow down your column for a wet effect of the greatest elegance.

5. Make you steal your saddle…

Or your rear light. Or your front wheel. Honestly at this point guys steal the whole bike what do you want me to do with this junk?

6. Other cyclists who clearly don’t know how to drive

Getting on your bike means learning to face the bad behavior of other cyclists and many of them drive like potatoes, running through all the red lights while driving on the left and brushing against you when they overtake you. Good luck avoiding the collision.

7. Cops arresting you for wearing headphones

Ok it’s forbidden. OK you know that. OK, you’ve already had three fines for this violation. Ok you don’t learn from your mistakes. But still, it’s still a little heartbreaking. So much so that even if we are not in a situation of infraction, we freak out as soon as we meet them.

8. Electric bikes bring too much misery and it’s annoying

You’re there, you’re giving your all in energy, you’re sweating, you’re breathless to the end of your lungs, you’re drooling and you have the perfect clean guy on him without the slightest trace of exhaustion that traces two centimeters from your failing body. It’s really ugly.

9. Bike plugs

We love cycling. The problem is that we are not the only ones and we have the opportunity to realize it when we hit traffic jams on our bikes for the first time in our lives. Less hassle than traffic jams in the car but not pleasant for all that.

10. Bonus: struggling to transport your groceries

Well, that’s if you have a classic bike. If you’re smart you definitely have a cargo bike a little more elaborate that can allow you to carry lots of stuff and necessarily make your life easier.

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