Top 10 of the funniest clashes of the month, episode 17

Hi to you lovers of confusion and altercations. Do you rejoice when you see people being clashed on the Internet? GOOD NEWS. You’ve come to the right place kids. Here, we show you the crème de la crème of clashes that hurt. Each month, you are selected for murderous projections by interposed keyboards, when you have not deserved it at all. Yes, the clash has already begun. You weren’t ready.

1. Elisabeth leaves to make friends

Algeria has gas. We need gas. Holy coincidence.

2. I want to print this clash

“At university condoms are free but not the printer. So sex is more important than our homework? »

“Condoms are free because sex can cause serious health problems if done without precautions and even kill you. Lack of education won’t kill you. He’ll just have you compare sex to a printer. »

3. This is high-flying plagiarism

I put the Solary logo below so you can play the game of 0 differences.

4. Apparently he messed up

“The God you serve is too wise to err, and too good to be wicked. »

“Our light source is giving us cancer, man. »

5. Leave the kids alone (but really)

La Manif Pour Tous, these charming people who see problems everywhere except at home.

6. Elon Musk, this guy in constant need of attention

“Which lesson did you take the longest to unlearn? »

“You may be the richest man in the world but you may still have to tweet in a hurry to see the little notification number go up and pretend people want to talk to you. »

7. Ouch, take that Gerald and Damien

It’s cool to be a minister anyway, you can attack anyone and you’ll never be fired.

8. Is it possible to be more selfish than that?

“I worked hard to pay off my student loans in full. Cancellation of student debt is an absolute insult”

“My grandmother died of cancer, so I think a cure for cancer would be a massive insult. »

9. He can go get dressed now

Luckily her turtleneck isn’t too low-cut.

10. America is nice, isn’t it?

“How Anti-Immigration Policies Lead Prisons to Hire Convicts as Field Laborers”

“It’s called slavery. You are renting goods, not people. And when people are property, they are slaves. »

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