Top 10 of the funniest clashes of the month, episode 12

Hi to you lovers of confusion and altercations. Do you rejoice when you see people being clashed on the Internet? GOOD NEWS. You’ve come to the right place kids. Here, we show you the crème de la crème of clashes that hurt. Each month, you are selected for murderous projections by interposed keyboards, when you have not deserved it at all. Yes, the clash has already begun. You weren’t ready.

1. So where is God now?

“When I was going to school in the 80s and 90s, you never heard of school shootings. And I’ll tell you why. Because we had God in our schools.

_ Do you know why you didn’t have school shootings in the 80s and 90s? Because 18 year olds weren’t being radicalized online and assault rifles weren’t available in every corner of Texas, you moron. »

2. Great advice

This guy is already a swell of first, but in addition he talks shit. If one day one of his colleagues mistakes him for a cyclist, we probably won’t be the first to mourn him.

3. Stupid question, smart answer

“_ How do atheists decide to make good or bad choices?

“If you need the threat of eternal punishment to be a good person, you’re not a good person. »

4. Sad.

Attention huh, we like them doggies, but humans are good too.

5. The police are hypersensitive

“Is that sarcasm? Sounds like sarcasm. Because if you want the cops to arrest the shooters, you should probably try to show them a little more respect.

“You’re right, the cops should only feel obligated to save children’s lives if everyone on the internet is super nice to them. My excuses. »

6. Pécresse learns Islam

By the way, it’s good: Pécresse has finished repaying his debt, if that can reassure you. We are relieved for her.

7. Billie the Best

“Not too long ago she was walking around half naked… now she’s in baggy clothes again, what happened Billie???” »

Billie Eilish: “What happened is that I can wear whatever I want whenever I want. »

8. The good dog-dog of capitalism

And that is said to be philosophical.

9. What a funny idea

“_ Women can’t help but flaunt their sexuality, even when it limits their range of motion in public safety jobs.

“She’s supposed to leave her ass at home?” And wear your ass to work all day? »

10. Damien and Gérald, we see you

Do you also wonder if they sleep well at night?

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