Top 10 of the biggest video fails, it’s not easy for everyone

For many of us, it will soon be a year since we have to use Zoom, Skype or Google Meet to work with colleagues, take classes or talk with our friends. A year is a long time, especially since videoconferencing sucks: you hear nothing, no one speaks when needed and the sound bugs all the time. Fortunately, to brighten up all this, we can always make fun of people who have even more trouble than us and who have experienced big video fails. Thanks to them.

1. The lawyer stuck with a Zoom filter during a hearing

Lawyer Rod Ponton was to intervene in a hearing on a smuggling case. For that, he connected in video thanks to the computer of his secretary but, bad luck, the chat filter was activated. Rod Ponton and his secretary struggled for almost a minute to remove the filter, and it gave this magical moment when the lawyer assures the judge that he is not a cat. Frankly, it would be great if all the trials were conducted with filters that were too cute.

2. An Argentine deputy kisses his wife’s breast in the middle of a videoconference

First question: what the hell is a deputy doing with his wife on his knees in the middle of a parliamentary session? Second question: but what the hell is he into kissing her breast??? The scene is totally surreal, but there is at least one thing that goes well in this whole story: the guy has been suspended.

3. A teacher forgets to mute his microphone during break and tells his students that he is preparing… “a whore exam”

We have already reported this story in our Champions of the week, and know that in the end the success rate in his “whore exam” was very good. Maybe thanks to his failure the students revised better.

4. A Belgian mayor caught without pants during a videoconference interview

Be careful, this is not a reason to make fun of Belgians because it has happened to a whole bunch of people since the start of the pandemic. Well, he’s a mayor of a big city, so it’s true that it doesn’t give a damn, but you know we have even worse in store? See the next point for example.

5. The Romanian Sports Minister who finds himself in his underwear in the middle of a video interview

So, I told you that we could do even better than a mayor. Here we have Ionut-Marian Stroe, the Romanian Minister of Youth and Sports, who was doing his video interview quietly until his webcam unhooked and we saw his underwear close-up. The best part is that he continues to talk as if nothing had happened while the presenter is far too embarrassed (his head is worth a look). You would see who do that in France? I put a small coin on Olivier Véran.

6. The MEP participates in a videoconference in his underwear

After the mayor and the minister, it is the turn of a European deputy. There, it is Irish MP Luke Flanagan, who took part in a videoconference with the Commissioner of the Agriculture Committee. In other words, it was very serious. But Flanagan didn’t realize that the field of his camera was a little too big and that we could clearly see that he was in his underwear. At the same time, what an idea to film yourself vertically, it’s a big beginner’s mistake.

7. A journalist breaks into a confidential European videoconference

In November, European Union defense ministers held a confidential video conference among themselves. The VERY serious thing. Well, that didn’t stop a Dutch journalist from quietly entering the conference. He was able to find it thanks to a member of the Dutch Defense Minister’s team who had posted a photo on Twitter where the digits of the Zoom lounge access code could be made out. Fortunately, the journalist was not malicious, but anyone could have quietly attended a supposedly top secret summit.

8. A student is robbed in the middle of a videoconference in Ecuador

The scene is pretty crazy: during an online class, we can see burglars entering a student’s room before lowering her webcam. The other students, a little shocked, immediately called the cops and the 4 burglars were arrested. Big fail for them, suddenly.

9. She forgets to turn off her camera and films herself in the bathroom in the middle of a videoconference

While she was in full video with her colleagues, a woman moved into her apartment to go to the bathroom, completely forgetting that her camera was activated. The poor thing filmed herself on the throne until she heard the other Zoom participants laughing. As if that wasn’t humiliating enough, the video has garnered millions of views on the internet. And we add a layer. But hey, no one will recognize her on the street anyway.

10. A manager accidentally turns into a potato during a video conference.

Lizet Ocampo, the political director of People For The American Way (a progressive association in the United States), had a small problem during her video. Without doing it on purpose, she activated the potato filter and struggled to find how to remove it. Inevitably, his employees took the opportunity to make fun of him, but unfortunately they did not think to take the video of this big fail. We can only console ourselves with this screenshot and the polite smiles of the employees who refrain from laughing.

11. (Bonus) Unable to sing Happy Birthday to you with delay between participants

Listen to this, but at your own risk, because it’s really ugly.

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