Top 10 of the biggest air conditioning in the history of football, and we are not talking about the stadiums of Qatar

So that we immediately agree, we are not talking in this top about the air conditioning that you bought this weekend because you have nothing to give a damn about the ecology or the air-conditioned stadiums of Qatar which shit clearly on the whole planet.

After this little rant, I’ll explain to you: an air conditioning is that moment in a match where you think everything is done because there are literally 30 seconds left, and there, a reversal of the situation: the team who was leading or tied gets a goal at the last minute. There are two types of reaction to that: an explosion of joy for the supporters of the team that has just scored or a huge chill that darkens the atmosphere for the team that has just eaten a goal, where the term “air conditioning”.

Now that we know what we’re talking about, I’ll let you come back to the most beautiful clims in the history of football and I promise, we’re not going to talk only about Algeria (but a little anyway).

1. The air conditioning inflicted by Cameroon on Algeria for the qualifications of the World Cup

It was cold, VERY cold in the Blida stadium on March 30. The Algerians took one of the biggest clims in their history against Cameroon with the equalizing goal achieved in the 124th minute during extra time by Karl Toko-Ekambi.

The worst part of all this is that all Algerians believed in it since Ahmed Touba had scored the 2-1 goal in the 118th minute. Generally in these cases, we do not return to the score… and yet Cameroon did and buried Algerian hopes.

It seems that since then, it is snowing all over the Sahara.

2. The day Chelsea literally turned into an air conditioner

I’m sorry for the Chelsea fans, but I’m going to bring back painful memories (anyway, that’s the principle of the top).

We are in the semi-finals of the 2008/2009 Champions League, that was a long time ago, and yet we remember it so well. It was 0-0 in the first leg, so it was all going to be decided in the second leg. Chelsea took the lead in the 9th minute, and we thought the match would end like that. Finally Iniesta, the hero of the evening for the Barcelonians, scores the equalizing goal in the 93rd minute. It is recalled that the away goal counts double, so at that time, Barça were qualified.

Chelsea fans were chilled, and we can understand them. Ah, and it must be said that this game is notorious for its notorious refereeing errors, with many penalties disallowed for Chelsea which should have been whistled, which adds to the rage of the fans.

3. Cavani against OM, the big cold snap in Marseille

It was in October 2017 during the Clasico that Cavani literally installed the biggest air conditioning in the Vélodrome stadium and the Marseillais remember it.

Luis Gustavo opened the scoring in the 16th minute, Neymar equalized in the 33rd and finally Thauvin scored the 2-1 goal in the 78th minute, after which Neymar cracked in the face of the Marseille provocation and won against Okampos, so he was sent off. In short, we are 2-1 at the Vélodrome, without Neymar, the perfect scenario for the Marseillais. And finally, on a magnificent free kick, Cavani equalized in the 93rd minute, breaking the joy of Marseillais. It’s not a victory, but a very, very beautiful film inflicted on the Marseillais.

4. Tottenham against City, it was very frooooid

That day Tottenham turned into an air conditioning installation company, we explain why.

Tottenham and City meet in the Champions League quarter-finals, City were favorites as they played at home.

This match was pretty crazy, there were already 5 goals in one half, and in the 59th Aguerro came back to score at 4-3. And miraculously, in the 93rd minute, City came back to score with a goal from Sterling, all the supporters exploded with joy, City qualified for the rest of the competition… But that was before seeing that the goal was off. game, and he will be refused by the referee a few minutes later, City is eliminated and Tottenham reaches the semi-final.

You understand very well what an air conditioning is for once, Manchester City supporters have really gone through all the emotions.

5. Juventus against Naples, Coulibaly puts a big air conditioning on all of Juve

It was a series A match of the 2018 edition which opposed Juventus to Naples, and which with a victory for Naples made it possible to relaunch the race for the title of champion (Juve dominated the classification, but were followed by near by Naples).

Until the 90th minute there was no goal, and finally Coulibaly scored in the dying moments of the match, which put Juve’s title in question.

A good climate for this team which started a little too confident, but nevertheless Juventus will still win the title of champion during this edition (it does not matter, we still keep the memory of this beautiful goal).

6. The air conditioning that still hurts just thinking about it: France-Portugal 2016

In 2016, Portugal won against France in the Euro final.

The Blues were the favorites for the match, Ronaldo had a minor injury, the match was at HOME, in short, we were really supposed to win this match, and no, what a cruel sport.

And then Eder scored in the 106th minute, during extra time, France lost at home and Portugal won for the first time in their history. For us, this defeat is still one of the biggest climates in our history, it was very cold that day at the Stade de France, and I’m not sure we really recovered.

Fortunately, two years later, we become world champions, so that’s fine.

7. We come back to a nice memory: France which air-conditioned the Italian bench in 2000

After talking about our defeat in 2016, let’s talk about something a little cooler for the blues: the final against Italy in 2000.

And that, we owe it to Sylvain Wiltord who tipped the game in favor of the blues by equalizing at the very end of additional time.

That’s where the joke comes from: “How do you put the cork back on a bottle of champagne you’ve just uncorked? Ask the Italians”, I wouldn’t have liked it.

After this goal, the Italians let themselves down and took another goal from Trezeguet, which marked the victory for France.

8. France – Bulgaria 1993, what a beautiful memory (it’s a joke)

That day, the temperatures in France were more like those in Canada. France met Bulgaria in the qualifying matches for the 1994 World Cup. The blues were ahead of Bulgaria by one point, and they only needed a draw to qualify.

But this female dog of life will decide otherwise: on a goal from Emil Kostadinov scored in the 90th minute (who by the way had scored twice during this match), the blues are beaten 2-1, and cry all the rest of the evening (but literally).

Because of this defeat, the blues finish 3rd in their group, behind Bulgaria which qualifies for the final stages, if we want to talk about good quality air conditioning, we can clearly talk about this meeting.

9. Messi against Real Madrid in April 2017

During the Spanish classico which opposed (as usual) Real to Barça, in April 2017, there were 2 everywhere and we thought that the meeting was going to end on that.

Nay, Messi scores the winning goal in the 94th minute at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. Author of a double including the winning goal, it must be said that Messi has calmed down the Madrid public.

10. And finally Aguero who won the City title against Old Trafford in 2012

We end with Aguerro who offers the title to City. It was 2012 at Old Trafford, City were facing Sunderland in the Premier League, and all they needed was a single point to finally be winners of the English league.

But Manchester City were trailing Sunderland, which meant Manchester United became champions of England… and finally, the miracle happened: in the dying moments of the game, savior Sergio Aguero, beautifully served by Balotelli, scored the goal of the equalizer against Sunderland.

Thanks to this, Manchester City is champion of England and its great rival Manchester United has taken a big air conditioning, indirectly, at the end of a crazy scenario.

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