Top 10 of the best punchlines of Ahmed Sylla, the king of humor

1. “It’s my niece, that is to say my uncle’s cousin through my mother on her grandmother’s side who herself inherits it from her father, Germanic cousin from her older brother, t did you understand?

2. “The problem with my grandfather, like with most old people, is that they don’t have many people to talk to, so as soon as they have a prey, they don’t let go. .”

3. “I’m famous now, so people on the street think I have to be funny 24 hours a day”

4. “Before eating I take a picture of my dish, my phone eats before me”

5. “Have you seen the state we are in when we drop our iPhone on the ground? You go to the Apple Store, it’s the CHU”

6. “The 49.3 means like we propose a law, people say ‘no we don’t want it’ and we carrot. We carrot-nine-three”

7. “There were 3 of us to steal a pen. But be careful, we had established a concrete plan, unstoppable, impossible to get caught. We got caught.”

8. “We’re going to put this in airplane mode. Ah Samsung, in Orly mode, Samsung.”

9. “For the smartest of you who would like to take pictures without the flash, it’s useless, Ahmed you won’t see it.”

10. “I’m not sure that women are paid less than men. Because between me and BeyoncĂ©, you have a big percentage difference.”

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