Top 10 of the best places to eat raclette

1. On public transport

Why wait until you get home to heat the pans? For no valid reason, that’s why in the bus, the metro, the tram, the train or whatever public transport, it is completely advisable to start melting the cheese and share all that with your travel companions.

2. In his bed

OK, we risk getting it all over the place, but even if it means mixing business with pleasure, it might not be bad to transform your mattress into a giant squeegee. And when in the middle of the night, you wake up to discover a small skillet filled with cheese that you had forgotten to eat, it is as if you were still dreaming.

3. At the pool

To the question we’ve all asked ourselves: what’s missing in the pool? Many of us answer “the raclette, for sure”. Indeed, who does not want to replace this unpleasant chlorinated smell with a divine aroma that seems to come from heaven? You even have time to swim a length while cooking.

4. In the office

Not necessarily during a break, not necessarily during the meal, just continuously during his working day. You turn on the machine between two meetings and presto, you enjoy your plate. You just have to organize your office well so that everything finds its place, personally I use my potatoes in a paperweight and my jar of pickles as a pencil holder.

5. On a chairlift

There is clearly no better place, I speak from experience. You’re cold, you need a boost before descending the next slope and you want something to accompany the vision of these beautiful landscapes: look no further, this is a raclette for you.

6. In the elevator

Don’t we say that raclette is a convivial dish that can be shared with many people (well, no more than six either, calm down)? Well now, all that’s left to do is to move from floor to floor in order to finally forge links with your neighbours. You will see that everyone will grow out of this adventure.

7. During lessons

Whether you are in college, high school or in higher education, you can completely take out the raclette machine during your lesson and allow other students and teachers to benefit. A scientific study proves that the raclette increases concentration and comprehension so you get the best grades in the class.

8. At the cinema

When you see people eating their popcorns or sweets during a movie session, you say to yourself that nothing prevents you from replacing all that with a good raclette. We bring back the extension, we plug in, we put the machine on the seat next door and presto, the film will only be better.

9. On a hike

You are in the middle of nature covered with sweat on the way up a pass and you have only one desire: to eat a raclette (normal, this kind of desire often happens when hiking). Take out the portable device with the candles and presto, at the top of the mountain, facing the view, you appreciate the landscapes all the more. In addition the smell will attract marmots who will come to join you, there is no doubt.

10. During a concert

You just have to find a little quiet corner in the middle of the pit, but in reality it’s manageable, people respect this kind of initiative. In addition with a little luck the artist who plays is fond of raclette and will interrupt the concert for two minutes to offer you to eat it on stage with him, in any case, I do not see any other possible endings to this story .

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