Top 10 of the best photo novels hijacked by Un Faux Graphiste

If you are still alive to read this top, it is certainly because you thought about eating at all meals, breathing air, drinking water and avoiding crossing when the little guy is red. For the rest we can not promise you anything but just advise you to” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Follow A Fake Graphic Designera hell of a little guy who already made us laugh to the end of his pants with masterpieces such as Abécéd’hair approxima’tif, A practical, playful and illustrated guide to hair loss or A fake book.

AND GOOD NEWS, a new work will soon be released: Le Cœur Bordé de Nouilles. And SECOND GOOD NEWS, you can already support the project on Ulule in order to become the proud holder of this assembly of photo novels as funny as they are comical, of which we provide you with a few examples below.

3. Too much mental load for toxic masculinities

5. A beautiful country than New York

7. Questions that annoy beyond measure

8. A Complex Scheme

10. Finally a helpful tip

If you were not already subscribed to the account” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>UnFauxGraphiste now is the time to fix this mistake or support the Ulule project (in order to finally have a Christmas gift worthy of the name).

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