Top 10 of the best games invented in series, those that we would like to play in real life

In all the best comedy series, there is a group of friends that we love more than our own family. Whether they spend their time at the office, in a bar or in their apartment, we always end up discovering improbable games that they play to pass the time and each time, we really want to try these stupid games with our own group of friends. If you feel ready to remember complicated rules, drink a lot and/or get hit for no reason, now is the time to start playing.

1. The game of the eye in Malcolm

These are the characters of Malcolm who popularized the game of the eye and as it is as funny as it is stupid, we played it all our childhood. The goal is simply to make a circle with your fingers and show it to someone below the belt. If your friend falls into the trap like a big moron, you can hit him on the shoulder. What’s funnier than gratuitous violence?

2. Le True American dans New Girl

It’s probably the most complicated drinking game in the world and that’s what makes it fun. As the rules are never really explained in the series, it is difficult to play it in real life but we will try to summarize what we have understood. Already, the ground is lava (obviously), so you should never touch it during the game. Whenever a player wins a mini-game like guessing the end of an expression or finding the common point between two words that have nothing to do with each other, they can drink and switch places. According to the characters in the series, the winner is the one who is the most drunk at the end of the game.

3. Bamboozled dans Friends

In season 8 of Friends, Joey wants to audition to become the host of a new TV game. So he asks Ross and Chandler to join the game so he can practice but the game makes absolutely no sense. According to Joey’s explanation, you have to imagine that you are playing a super complicated board game, except that there is no board so you have to remember everything. In the end, the television channel decides to remove all the absurd rules that make the game fun to make it a simple game where you answer general knowledge questions. Too bad.

4. Le Slap Bet dans How I Met Your Mother

In How I Met Your Mother, the characters LOVE to bet on anything and everything, but since Barney is much richer than the others, it’s not interesting to bet money. So they decide to bet slaps: whoever loses has the right to slap the other as hard as possible. We sometimes wonder why they are friends…

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween Heists

Every year, on Halloween day, the characters of Brooklyn Nine-Nine embark on an unlikely quest: to retrieve an item that belongs to Captain Holt. At first, it was just a challenge launched by Jake but the means deployed by all the employees of the police station increase every year to win this Halloween hunt at all costs. Even the dog had the right to play there so why not us?

6. Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock dans The Big Bang Theory

A somewhat complicated variant of the chifoumi was popularized by Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory ; it’s Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock. In this version, the lizard wins against the paper and against Spock while Spock wins against the rock and the scissors. The number of possible combinations then increases from three to ten, which limits the number of ties. Unfortunately, as soon as the show’s characters play, it leads to a Spock vs. Spock tie. That’s what it’s like to be big nerd Star Trek fans…

7. The Cones of Dunshire dans Parks and Recreation

In Parks and Recreation, Leslie explains that Ben likes to embark on improbable projects as soon as he finds himself unemployed and in season 6, he creates a board game: The Cones of Dunshire. It’s a very long and very complicated game because the goal is to win as many cones as possible, but for each cone, you have to create a whole civilization of miniature characters, answer questions about old culture, get a good score with the dice. , collect gems and much more.

8. Office Olympics dans The Office

The day Michael leaves the office for the afternoon to visit an apartment, the employees decide to organize Olympics and they are the best Olympics in the world since the games are all stupid. There is “Hate Ball” which is a football game with balls of paper, the game of “Who can put the most M&M’s in their mouth?” “, the “Dunderball” where you have to throw a ball against the wall over the partition of the office of the other and finally the “Flonkerton”, a race with your feet hanging on packets of printer sheets. Me, it makes me want to try.

9. Grand Theft Walrus and Hockey Dad in The Simpsons

The creators of Simpsons have imagined dozens of fake video games but there are two that I really want to play. The first is “Grand Theft Walrus”, a GTA where you play as a walrus who bumps into penguins. The second, and surely the best of all, is Hockey Dad: a boxing match between two darons in the stands of a hockey match where their sons are playing.

10. Play hide and seek with zombies in The Walking Dead

They don’t really, but at the point they’re at, they could at least make it a bit of a fun game. Even if it means dying, as much as it is having fun.

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