Top 10 movies that should be a trilogy, the ones that go well together

Have you ever watched a film thinking that it could very well be part of a trilogy with other films that have nothing to do with it? Yeah it’s a bit of a particular question but in reality it’s not completely stupid as a principle and it’s the question that Internet users have asked themselves on Reddit and we decided to make you a small selection of the best examples.

1. Kick-Ass, Zombieland and Scott Pilgrim

In themselves they do not talk about the same thing, are not filmed in the same way, but there is a little vibe that the three films share: a very graphic and adult comic universe. And then they are still three very good films with a nice aesthetic.

2. Into the wild / Seul au monde / Swiss Army Man

The chronology of the trilogy: a guy leaves to live in nature to find wildlife, he gets lost a little too much and finds himself alone on an island with a balloon as his only friend until a corpse runs aground and become his new best friend / best chance to get out of here.

3. Titanic / The Odyssey of Pi / The Beach

Here too we can imagine a not too stupid chronology: a guy travels on the Titanic, the liner fails, he finds himself on a lifeboat with a tiger and he finally reaches an island where drug traffickers eat his tiger and offer him to hang out. get high for not too expensive with Leonardo DiCaprio. Great vacation.

4. Volte face / The Rock / The wings of hell

You will say that the only link between these films is Nicolas Cage, and you are partly right, but not only. All three movies are about breaking out of a high security prison for super pissed off criminals and in each movie Nicolas Cage manages to escape. Continuity level on the other hand, get over it, I’m not going to do all the work either.

5. A King’s Speech / Dark Hours / Dunkirk

Surprisingly, these three films take place in the same period of history and reveal very different points of view on completely linked events. It could therefore quite logically give a good three-part trilogy and I also recommend these three films because they are cool.

6. Sublime Creatures / The Sorcerer’s Apprentice / Miss Peregrine

So I haven’t seen any of these films, but my colleague Amandine, who I particularly like, told me that it could fit like a trilogy. I’m a little lazy to check if it’s true and what these movies are about, so to make up for it I’m going to give you my recipe for the tomato tarte tatin. You brown a large onion in butter, you pour a little balsamic and sugar so that it caramelizes, you spread the tomatoes in the dish, put the onion on top and a little parmesan and then the dough. Bake for 40 minutes at 200° and enjoy this sublime dish.

7. Collateral / Night Call / Drive

A little dark auteur film vibe that happens at night with accidents, murders, settling of accounts, handsome actors and good music. No particular link between the films apart from that, I know I disappoint you, but it won’t be the first or the last time.

8. Encounter of the 3rd Kind / Contact / The Arrival

Here it’s about engaging in dialogue with a rather peaceful extraterrestrial species as well as finding methods to talk to each other. So obviously it gives a strong enough link to classify these films as a good trilogy, with a small personal preference for The Arrival.

9. Die Hard / The Raid / Dredd

So here it’s completely the same synopsis: a cop who represents law and order finds himself stuck in a building completely full to bursting with big bad guys and farts all day to get out alive without ever really tired. Three very good films moreover, as long as you like this style.

10. Saving Soldier Ryan / Interstellar / Alone on Mars

The best, the most obvious: the trilogy of “the American government spends a lot of money and sets up incredibly expensive and complex plans to get back this fat moron Matt Damon who is lost like shit”.

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