Top 10 most humiliating little bridges, it hurts the ego

The small bridge is surely the most humiliating technical gesture that exists in football, but it is also one of the most effective. Whether it’s in the 6th grade in the yard with his friends or in a Ligue 1 match, no one, really no one, wants to eat a little bridge, at the risk of being fired. And yet, it happens even to the best, we let you discover.

1. The mythical little Gorge Best bridge on Johan Cruyff

In 1976, just before a meeting between the Netherlands and Northern Ireland which was played for the 1978 World Cup, Gorge Best, one of the best dribblers of his time, was interviewed by a journalist who asked him “what do you think you from Cruyff? “. To this, Best replies that he is a brilliant player, the journalist continues with the fateful question “better than you? “, he then replies:” You are joking, are you? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do tonight… I’ll put a little bridge to Cruyff as soon as I have the opportunity”.

From the start of the match, Best recovers the ball and rushes towards Cruyff (rather than towards the goal, logical) to put a small bridge on him, successfully. Johan Neeskens was also a victim of Best that day. When he says something, he does it, even if it’s about Cruyff, hats off to the artist.

2. Ronaldinho for all the little bridges he has made

Small bridges, the Brazilian has made. So many that we no longer count them, to name just one, let’s talk about the one that was followed by a blind pass in 2015, during a gala match for UNICEF. Big names in football like Eto’o, Cafú or Edgar Davis were present during this match. In short, little Ronnie once again delighted the crowd with an incredible action: a double small bridge followed by a blind pass. Just that.

3. The little bridge that got Pep Guardiola up

Messi in his great moments at Barça had made a small bridge, very comfortable at Milner, then continued his run as if nothing had happened. A rather humiliating gesture, which seemed to be almost natural for the Argentinian.

4. The double of small bridges of Suarez on David Luiz

Because he doesn’t just bite, Suarez is also capable of putting big little bridges on his opponents, even when it comes to David Luiz.

And suddenly, even if it means doing one, you might as well do two: it is therefore a double small bridge that David Luiz ate against Suarez during a match between PSG and Barça in 2015.

5. The humiliation that Neymar inflicted on Fluminense

In his early days, when Neymar was still playing at Santos in Brazil, he used to chain small bridges. Facing Fluminense, Neymar had made a daring dribble on Diguinho, who not only had eaten a dirty little bridge but had also wallowed afterwards. To know that it was Fluminense who had won the meeting so that’s already it.

6. Pastore, or the little bridge galore

One of the great victims of Pastore’s small bridges was Philippe Lebresne, especially during a Europa League match. In about twenty minutes, Pastore sticks two small bridges to his opponent. What make him quite angry. Apparently Philippe Lebresne would have said “we stop there”! Pastore would have smiled and would have actually stopped making small bridges to him. A talented man and a good man is rare.

7. Adriano’s little bridge facing Valencia

Little bridge and roulette, it hurts. That’s what Adriano had inflicted on Valencia in a match between his team and Inter Milan, we’ll let you watch it’s pretty good.

8. The incredible little bridge of Redondo on Berg

The Argentinian was renowned for his nonchalant, almost insolent game, but he had proven that day that he had also run when necessary. Redondo, in a Champions League match, had deployed all his technique against Manchester United defender Henning Berg. Small bridge in heel, then an acceleration to score a goal, that of 3-0. Well, that was Redondo.

9. The day when even the big CR7 took a small bridge

Because it happens even to the best, it is important to remember that Cristiano Ronaldo himself has already eaten small bridges. In particular one inflicted by Dani Alves in a Clasico moreover.

Yes, even CR7 has flaws.

10. Le petit pont de Maradona south Juan Domingo Cabrera

Again in 1976, an action had marked the spirits. At only 15 years old, Maradona replaces Ruben Animal Giacobetti and will make his first touch of the ball professionally. And for his first action, Maradona puts a small bridge to his first opponent Juan Domingo Cabrera. The moment was immortalized by a photographer and will be talked about in El pibe de oro a few years later when Maradona confirms the legend that he is.

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