Top 10 most dangerous toys of the last 10 years

December 24 is fast approaching, the elves are busy at the North Pole, and Santa Claus is already starting to fill his basket for his annual tour! Oh oh oh ! Too nice, all that, but BE CAREFUL all the same! It could be that one or two malicious (or just a little drunk) elves have messed up making the precious games, and some of them end up dangerous for our children. Over the past decade, several of them have proven to be particularly harmful. So let’s be on our guard.

1. The fire truck that caught fire (the height)

Marketed at the end of 2022, this truck presented electrical risks, which could cause a fire to start when recharging. Realism is nice, but maybe you shouldn’t push the envelope too far! If Santa Claus had already invested in this small object for December 24, he is strongly advised to bring it back to the place of purchase. The little elves will issue a refund.

2. This unstable dog

The “Blue’s Clues Foot to Floor Ride-on Toys” (Kamoulox) was removed from sales in August 2022, after the company received 19 reports of children being injured while tipping forward. Sunbathing on a bike is badass. Sunbathing on the back of a stuffed blue dog, right away… It’s a little less caïd!

3. This doctor duck, bad for your health (another shame)

Recalled in June 2022, these ducks dressed as doctors contained excessive levels of toxic phthalates, which can notably have negative impacts on the brain and physical development of the youngest. We are no less a doctor than this duck, but obviously more aware than him of the dangerousness of all this! What a big jerk… Uh, duck. Sorry.

4. Same goes for these butterfly nets and soldier figurines

These two toys don’t have much to do with each other, except for their pretty composition: phthalates and lead. NICKEL. Either way, war sucks. Catching butterflies that quietly live their lives (especially short, by the way), is cruel. Make salt dough, it’s more fun, salt dough.

5. Some hoverboards, in 2015

In addition to the fact that these kinds of boards are, basic, the insurance to crash on the asphalt, some have outright caught fire. Sellers then had to remove hoverboards of 10 different brands (a total of 500,000 boards) from their shelves, after around 100 fire reports. Since then, regulations have been tightened to secure them.

6. Bouncy castles

Aka THE thing that propels you directly to the status of king of the playground if you are lucky enough to have one at your birthday party! Unfortunately, this kind of attraction is much more dangerous than it seems. In 2013, more than 17,000 gambling-related injuries were recorded, an average of 46.5 per day! Among the most terrible news stories, stories of castles flying away while children are inside. Many of these accidents were fatal. In short, to be the king of the playground, just share your snack. Please.

7. “Magic Poo” and “Unicorn Magic Poo” slimes, and its rotten components

At the same time, who buys something called “magic poo” and “magic unicorn poop”??? It’s not super seller, anyway. In 2019, the European Commission issued an alert, the two yucky gooes containing abnormal doses of “boron”. At excessive levels, this substance can cause irritation, diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, and can even go so far as to alter the fertility of children who are exposed to it. Put down that magic poop.


8. The Huggy Wuggy soft toy, allegory of horror

Let’s be clear: there is nothing that goes with this atrocity! For starters, the plush is straight out of a horror video game: “Poppy Playtime”. From there, already, we are not on an ultra-healthy thing. In addition to being terrifying, it is also dangerous for health, both physical and mental! Small detachable parts (metal ring and eyes) present risk of respiratory arrest, if ingested. The cute stuffed animal can also cause psychological problems, for its terrifying appearance, but also because the character of the game promises to “come and eat your soul”. NO BUT WHEN WE OFFER THIS??? The product, which went on sale in 2021, is now recalled.

9. A swing responsible for the death of several children in the USA

The Rock’n Play swing made it easy for children to turn around. Too easily. So easily that many children have lost their lives using it. The American magazine Consumer Reports reports 32 deaths in the USA between 2015 and 2019. For its part, the American Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) lists 10 over the same period.

10. Lead-rich “Cra-Z-Jewelz” jewelry making kits

Lead… And not just a little! Some of the kits offered for sale contained up to 10 times the permitted level of lead. In addition to being removed from sale in 2018, those who marketed the game have been sued.

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