Top 10 most controversial fan chants

We already know that fans can be really stupid, but then when it comes to tattooing their club’s shirt on their body and screaming like crazy, it’s funny, on the other hand singing racist, homophobic stuff, or making fun of a dead person (hello people from Nice), it’s immediately much less funny.

Little top that highlights the most honest people in the world of football to start the day off right (just kidding).

1. The song of the Nice supporters who make fun of the death of Sala

We’re going to have to do some good deeds to catch up on this bullshit guys, otherwise it’s going to hell right away.

The Nice supporters, during the match against AS St-Etienne and their comeback (they were down 2-0 at half-time and finally won 4-2), felt their wings grow and screamed in the stands “He’s an Argentinian who doesn’t swim well, Emiliano underwater”. Some Nice supporters (the most cons obviously) had not digested the defeat of Nice against Nantes a few days before, and that is why when they won against St-Etienne, they tried to “make fun” of the Nantes club. Except that if you remember the story a little, the Argentinian Emiliano Sala died in a tragic plane crash which was to take him from Nantes to Cardiff in 2019. Drowned in the English Channel, his body had been found lifeless, weeks after his disappearance.

In short, a song in very very bad taste from the Nice supporters, who will of course be sanctioned and who, we hope, will never set foot in a stadium again.

2. Pro-Russian chants from Chelsea supporters

After the announcement of the sale of Chelsea by its former Russian owner Abramovich because of the conflict in Ukraine, Chelsea supporters have publicly shown their support for their former president, who is clearly pro-Putin. This was strongly criticized by the leaders of the English club, as by certain members of the British government, as was the case for example of Chris Phil, Minister for Technology.

Chants had already been heard in the Premier League in early March, and they were echoed in a game against Southampton in early April. Thomas Tuchel also condemns these songs which he considers inappropriate, it is true that crying over the departure of Abramovich when we know that he is BFF with Putin, it may not be the best thing to do. Just saying.

3. Homophobic songs (there are a lot of them), we first talk about that of St-Etienne

The scourge of homophobia in football is not new, and we are still shocked by the stupidity of some supporters in the stadiums who tarnish the image of sport and their club.

The latest controversy in France concerns the supporters of AS St-Etienne, who, in a lake facing Lorient in August 2021, shouted “Gang of fags, we’re going to fuck you all”, yes on a scale of 1 to super class, I think we’re at -8000. The Rouge Direct collective, an anti-homophobia whistleblower, questioned the Minister of Sports on this affair in order to condemn these remarks. Unfortunately, we know that supporters are often not sanctioned, or they are not sanctioned enough…

4. Manchester City’s controversial chant towards Liverpool

After a game between Manchester City and Liverpool, Liverpool fans accused Manchester City fans of singing problematic songs about the club’s history. We explain to you: after winning the title in Brighton, some supporters sang “crying in the stands, battered in the streets”, which means “crying in the stands, beaten in the streets”.

Liverpool fans saw it as a direct attack, believed to be referring to the tragedy of Sean Cox, a Reds fan who was injured by Roma fans in April 2018. Other fans thought Manchester fans were referring to the Hillsborough drama which claimed the lives of 96 people in Liverpool in 1989 after a crowd commotion.

Manchester City has obviously denied all these accusations, we’ll let you make your own opinion, it’s true that it may be a bit far-fetched as an accusation, but as you can see, some supporters are still not very talented level humor, so it’s not totally impossible.

5. Some extremist Hungarian supporters, who showed their intelligence during the France-Hungary match…

The Euro 2020 matches (which took place in 2021) marked the return to life before the Covid, with almost full stadiums and a real atmosphere. The problem is that a group of Hungarian extremist supporters completely overflowed during the meeting with France which was held in Hungary at the Puskas Arena. The French who had trouble overthrowing the Hungarians, carried by their supporters, also took racist remarks in the face. Great.

Cries of monkeys each time Kante or Pogba touched the ball, racist insults aimed at Benzema and Mbappé, everything was heard by photographers from the Team, positioned just below the stands, who directly denounced this. And you just have to see the point right after, it’s not the first time it’s happened with Hungarian fans…

6. …And this “incident” had already happened against Portugal

A few days before the match against France, Hungary faced Portugal. Some of the fans went to the stadium with an “anti-LGBTQ+” banner, and whistled Cristiano Ronaldo every time he touched the ball with a chant that read “Cristiano homosexual”. Yes, the buggers are not very advanced, and fortunately UEFA understood this and opened a disciplinary investigation a few days later.

And that did not prevent CR7 from putting on a nice double during this meeting, well done.

7. The racist chants of Red Devils supporters…against his own club (not very smart)

So there we almost reach another dimension of stupidity. Manchester United fans had invented a song in honor of South Korean player Park Ji-Sung, of which the phrase “you eat dog” was part of it. Yeah, we agree, they’re not going to become lyricists. Park Ji-Sung had to speak on this subject by explaining “I know that United fans are not doing this to hurt me by singing this, but I have to explain to the fans that we should not use these words anymore, which today are a racial slur against Koreans” in the club’s official podcast.

Yes, he remained very courteous with people who deserved to be condemned, but hey, the spitting of the pigeon does not reach the stylish dove. Or something like that.

8. The sexist chants of Napoli fans

In the category big disgusting idiots who drink too many beers at the PMU I call…Napoli supporters!!! Congratulations, you benefit from a subscription to Bigard magazine for the rest of your sad life.

Here, a journalist who walks on the ground for a few moments is enough for the Neapolitan tifosi to sing “the breasts in the air” to this poor lady who did not ask for anything. Diletta Leotta, the journalist in question will just smile and wave no. It’s complicated to react to so much stupidity and sexism.

9. Balotelli confronted with the racism of certain Italian songs

In 2019 Balotelli almost left the field for good after receiving for the umpteenth time in his career, racist insults from Italian supporters, this time those of Hellas Verona. Monkey cries, again and again, had succeeded in knocking out the player who had thrown the ball in the direction of the supporters and had almost left the field.

The next day, Balotelli had posted on his networks a message intended for these supporters “You are going crazy. Wake up, ignoramuses”. And the worst part of it all is that the head of the ultras of Hellas Verona had said that Balotelli was a “clown” and that these cries came from his head. Well then.

10. We end in style with an ultra racist song towards the great Mo Salah

In England, Chelsea supporters had the great idea of ​​inventing a song to chastise Mo Salah, notably with the words “Salah is a bomber”. The worst is that they filmed themselves, and inevitably the video turned a lot on the networks. Fortunately, the three supporters of the video have been banned from the stadium, and will therefore no longer be able to return to support their team.

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