Top 10 mistakes we all make when washing dishes

We have already told you about the mistakes we make with our dishwasher, but imagine that there is a whole field of possibilities also with regard to the dishes themselves. We have put our best journalists on the spot to deliver the following information exclusively to you.

1. Use cold water

OK it’s good for the planet well done you want a medal or what? The problem in this kind of ultra eco-responsible behavior is that cold water does not clean greasy stains as well as hot water. Result, you use a lot more water, and your dishes are dirty. You screw up on all counts. Boo the villain.

Top 10 mistakes we all make when washing dishes

2. Where are you not wearing gloves?

So you’re really the party of the underpants I have the impression. Like, do you wash your dishes without gloves? Yes well ok, nobody does their dishes with gloves I grant you. But it’s a shame because it’s the best way not to burn your little fingers when you turn on the hot water but kind of too hot and you have lost control of the tap.

3. Start with the dirtiest dishes

You could say that by tackling the dirtiest dishes in preum’s, you get rid of the most boring. BUT NAN NOT AT ALL FAKE POOP. If, when you do your dishes, you fill your sink with soapy water in which you let your utensils soak, it is better to tackle the less filthy things first, so as not to immediately disgust the water contained in the sink.

4. Use any tea towel

A little deg to use the same cloth as the one that also cleans the work surface with white vinegar. In the same way, we advise you to wash these little bits of demonic fabric every 3 or 4 days.

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5. Clean pans with the scraper side

Well then, we had already told you about it in the worst mistakes we make with stoves. This is part of it. Finally, especially for stoves with a Teflon coating for example, it damages them and then you end up eating Teflon and then you get cancer. So watch out.

6. Fuck eight liters of washing up liquid

Believe it or not (but believe it anyway), it’s more counterproductive to wash up the mess with dish soap. Indeed, this will rather have the effect of dirtying your utensils without being able to see it with the naked eye. The stupid thing.

Top 10 mistakes we all make when washing dishes

7. Mix all the dishes

ANLALAAAAA BUT I CAN’T BELIEVE WHO DOES THIS? Everyone of course. Well that’s wrong. And you know it. You know this because each time you end up with a plate that was not so dirty but is covered with a disgusting layer of oil.

8. Never clean your sink

In the same way that you have to wash your shower, clean your vacuum cleaner, the sink must also receive its little polish. Throw some white vinegar and baking soda in there and it’ll do the trick and you’ll be able to respect yourself again.

9. Do your dishes only once a month

Nooooooooo. Be strong. The dishes are everyday. Ideally it’s even every time you throw something in the sink. Otherwise, it accumulates, it dries up, it stinks and your respect stinks of schlingue.

10. Washing dishes with saliva

Even more eco-responsible as a gesture, it is however not recommended because on the one hand it would require a lot of saliva (several liters at the very least) and the acidic nature of your saliva due to your heavy alcohol consumption makes the liquid extremely corrosive and can damage your delicate dishes such as crystal or porcelain.

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