Top 10 mistakes not to make with our clothes (it’s very important)

Since our clothes say a lot about us, it is better to treat them well. To take care of them, to pamper them delicately to avoid having to change them every year. One, it’s not very green. Two, it fucks hate. Three, your wallet clearly doesn’t need this. In short, to keep them as long as possible, there are a few small mistakes to avoid. Stuff we do all the time, when we shouldn’t.

1. Cut the label

It scratches, so it releases. A little scissoring and it’s much better. In reality, and for reasons above all ecological, it should be left. To recycle our clothes, centers specializing in the collection, sorting and processing of fibers need to know the composition of the clothes in question. Guess where this info is?

2. Wash them right side out

Jeans, black clothes, t-shirts, sweaters,… Pretty much everything, in fact. To make your clothes last longer, remember to turn them over before throwing them in the washing machine. The tank is not the best friend of seams and fabrics.

3. And put fabric softener

1) It’s useless. 2) It’s anything but green. 3) It clogs the drawer of the machine. 4) It often causes allergies. That’s already a lot of negative stuff for a product that costs an arm and a leg. The best alternative: white vinegar. I swear. (Source)

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4. Put it away directly after ironing

When it has just been ironed, the linen is damp because of the steam and the humidity of the board. We therefore leave it in the open air for a few minutes before putting it in the cupboard, so that it dries. Otherwise, your furniture will stink of badly dried out, and your clothes will wrinkle. It’s quite counterproductive.

5. Wear 100% cotton underwear

Yes, cotton is widely recommended to avoid fungal infections and other infections (a good reason to wear them, you might say). On the other hand, you should know that this material ages relatively quickly and quickly loses its elasticity. We will therefore prefer 80% cotton / 20% elastane!

6. Not washing new clothes before wearing them

I’m writing this top to you, comfortably settled in my new top, unearthed just last night on sale. Do as I say, not as I do. You should always put your new clothes in the washing machine before wearing them, so as to wash off potential toxic products, allergens and carcinogens. It might actually be useful.

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7. Stack layers of clothing on layers of clothing in winter

Maximum THREE coats: this is the rule. Beyond that, you risk sweating a lot. Result: your clothes, now moistened by your sweat (yum) will make you colder. Ultra counterproductive, again. Similarly, prefer cotton to synthetic as an underlay, this material being more breathable.

8. And wear dark colors in the summer

We will surely not teach you anything here, but we will repeat it to you anyway. Dark colors absorb the sun’s rays: it’s not the most effective technique to cool you down.

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9. Choose hangers randomly

The hangers must be adapted to the size of the clothes to prevent pockets and folds from forming on them over time. They must correspond to the weight and type of garment. Likewise, avoid stacking too many garments on the same hanger! (Source)

10. … and hang knitted clothes

Knits and wools should be folded, not hung. On a hanger, they could stretch and deform. This is not necessarily the desired effect at the base.

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